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  1. I googled for the website... but.... Make sure the old website is gone? It still contains mistakes. I see that the new website has gained cool features. Like images that are mono coloured. Yet get the original colour when the mouse is hovering over. That is cool! As for the new website, there are some little suggestions I have: - It contains some spelling errors: walktrus should be walkthroughs - The advice on the game speed to increase Sonic Tank range. Doesn't work on several versions. Perhaps Nyerguds can tell you which versions help here. The mobile version of Dune 2 as example, doesn't have that bug. - Maybe the mobile spice blooms factor is interesting for players. It can go up to 3.5 times that of the original value. Might as well add that. - by placing these buildings with a foundation: by placing these buildings without a foundation: Cheers, X3M
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