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  1. Well, to explain this. D2kEditor 2.0 is "vanilla"-compatible version, which does NOT include my patches and additions into game, like new event types, advanced structures mode etc. So it does not include event_types.ini because that was not a thing in v2.0. After releasing 2.0 I started working on 2.1 which is basically 2.0 plus additions related to my game patches and features. This version is constantly in development and still changes over time. I make a release into this thread https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/29411-dune-2000-singleplayer-game-patching-new-features/ once I finish some stage in my development. So... 2.0 is the finalized and stable version which can safely go to D2K+ site and I'd be happy if that happened. 2.1 is under constant development and changes often, so I'd keep releasing it here in the forums. The latest available dune2000.exe along with corresponding version of editor can be found in the mentioned thread.
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