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  1. Hello all, so finally I got into Dune 2000 patching and fixing up things and adding new features! I had a talk with FunkyFr3sh and got some useful information and stuff needed for continuation of game pathing. I'm going to use the latest FunkyFr3sh's Cncnet version as a base (not the Gruntmods version which is not the latest one and can miss some important features), which should be fine and work well. I'm using the same patching methods and tools, which is pretty easy to use and only Dune2000.exe needs to be distributed. The latest version of cncnet's ddraw.dll needs to be used so I'm putting it in the zip file as well. I would also like to say many thanks to Tomsons26 and The Code Conqueors team for his hard work on reverse engineering Dune2000 with IDA, which helped me very much with seeing and understanding the code and which made game patching easier than it ever could be. Patching, which is practically kind of "source code modding" is lot of fun and can bring lot of new possibilities into the game. Download here: dune2000-sp-patches_2021-10-08.7z Updated version of D2kEditor where you can use the new features: D2kEditorv2.1dev2.7z Feature list: 1) New mapping possibilities - You can place any building (even specific version - i.e. Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos) for any side with special values from range 8192 - 16383. The building type, side and other properties are coded in special value directly, no need to set them up in TILEDATA.BIN. D2kEditor provides GUI in the new Advanced structures mode. - You can place refinery which does not receive new harvester delivery upon starting a mission - You can place specific building as primary - For turrets, you can specify initial barrel direction (4 directions: up, right, down, left) - Tagged property: for use in events which refer to specific building(s) - You can place any unit (even specific version, i.e. Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos tank) for any side with special values from range 16384 - 32767. The unit type, side and other properties are coded in special value directly, no need to set them up in TILEDATA.BIN. D2kEditor provides GUI in the new Advanced structures mode. - You can specify initial unit direction (8 basic directions) - You can place any unit as stealth - Tagged property: for use in events which refer to specific unit(s) - You can place static crates with special values from range 32768 - 65534. D2kEditor provides GUI in Advanced structures mode. - You can directly place thin spice, thick spice and real destructible concrete for any side out of the box as a direct tile property without use of any special value or tiles with specific pre-set tile attributes. You can place any building or unit on top of them. 2) Crates system - Added support for static pre-placed crates in maps + extended crates functionality and customization - Crates can be pre-placed using special values - You can place any crate/spice bloom types using any of 8 available graphics (4 crate sprites, 4 spice bloom sprites) - Extended Cash crate: Can give you customizable amount of money (multiplies by 100) - Extended Explosion crate: You can specify which "weapon" is used, crate can be detonated by shooting on it - Extended Reveal map crate: It can reveal a circle (same as Reveal map event) in relative position near to the crate - Extended Unit crate: You can specify which unit exactly it will give, for infantry it can give either 1 or 5 - Extended Stealth crate: Has more unit-powerup functions (heal unit, change unit type), customizable range and pickup animation - Extended Spice blooms: More spice bloom types (classic, instant circle/square, Dune 2 style) and customizable range - New crate type: Execute event! You can go wild and execute any event or chain of events you like. - Fixed disappearing crates and spice blooms when AI-controlled units are nearby. AI can actively collect crates. - AI won't collect customized explosive crates or crates with image 4 - How to use extended crates is described below 3) Events system 3a) General changes - Added "Auto-block" and "Blocked" event property. If "Blocked" flag is set, the event won't execute even if all conditions are true for that event. If "Auto-block" is set, then event will automatically block itself when it is executed. The "Auto-block" is basically "Execute once" behavior without using an additional "Flag" condition and "Set Flag" event, the flag is integrated into the event itself. 3b) Original event type changes Allegiance: Added "Both-sided" option so you can change diplomacy in both directions within a single event Play Sound: Can now have two types: "Global" (original behavior) and "Point" (will make sound at specific coordinates) Set Cash: Should work without crashes, added three operations: "Set", "Plus" and "Minus" Set Tech: Added option to immediately update available buildings and units Reveal map: Radius 0 (reveal whole map) will properly reveal radar map Show Message: Customizable message duration (the Unknown value is now used as duration in ticks) 3c) New event types Switch My Side: You can now change the side you play as (like the Debug feature) in the middle of mission. You can also turn off AI on side you switch to and turn on AI on side you switch from. "Reveal Base" option will also reveal tiles seen by buildings of the target side. Hide Map: Hides all map (like Hide Map crate type). If executed periodically, it can be used to simulate "Fog of War" mechanics - useful to mimic "darkness" (like inside caves). Un/block Event: Changes the "blocked" state of specific event Damage Tiles: Will cause damage to specific tile, like it was hit by specified weapon, without shooting a projectile. "Player": The side which gets score for killing buildings/units. "Pixel position": Pixel-precise target coordinates: [16 , 16] = center of tile, [0 , 0] = top-left, [31 , 31] = bottom-right "Rand. spread": Random inaccuracy (like Death Hand) in X and Y axis in pixels (32 = 1 tile) "Spread type": Random distribution in either square (rectangle) or circe (ellipse) shape "Hit explosion": Whether to show weapon's hit animation at target point Add Unit: Add a single unit at specified place. The unit can move in any direction after it is spawned: "Random": works is same way as when a building is destroyed/sold and infantry coming out of it will move in random direction Specific direction: works in same way as when a unit comes out of barracks/factory Add Building: Adds building at specified place. You can add building either with or without concrete, either instantly or with buildup animation, and also add refinery without a harvester coming with it. Add Projectile: Shoots projectile of a specific weapon from source position to target position. Source position is always center of specified tile. For target position you can specify "Pixel position" and "Rand. spread" in same way "Play sound": Whether to play weapon's firing sound from source tile Note that the distance from source to target is limited due to computation limitations to about 70 tiles. Add Explosion: Makes an animation at specified position. "Player" will specify color of deviator dust. You can specify "Pixel position" and "Rand. spread" in same way. "Play sound": Whether to play explosion's sound from the tile Add Crate: Add any type of crate during game. "Ext. data": Extension data, have different meaning for each crate type "Respawns": Number of respawns of Spice Bloom Spawner "Expiration": Time in ticks after which crate will disappear or spice bloom rises/explodes Add Concrete: Add concrete for specific side. If "Tile bitmask" is zero, it fills specified area with concrete (only buildable tiles). If "Tile bitmask" is nonzero, it places concrete of defined shape (up to 4*4 size, only buildable tiles) and reveals the tiles. Spice Bloom: Simulates explosion of a spice bloom crate at specified place. Shake Screen: Shakes screen for specified duration of ticks Center Viewport: Centers camera view at specified place. If executed periodically, it locks the screen. Change Map Block: Changes tiles at specified place to different tiles. Maximum is 12 tiles in single event due to data size limitation (i.e. 4*3 area, 2*6 area). If the target tile is not buildable, buildings and concrete on it will be destroyed (except buildings which do not require concrete). If target tile does not have "drive on" attribute, vehicles on it will be destroyed. If target tile does not have "walk on" attribute, infantry on it will be killed. If target tile does not have "sandy" attribute, spice on it will be removed. If target tile has "occupied by building/unit/infantry" attribute, units on it will be killed respectively. Tile attributes will be changed to target tile's attributes, but building/unit owner will be preserved. Transform Tiles: Similar to "Change Map Block", but you can globally change specific tiles across whole map into their target counterparts. You can specify up to 6 "from-to" tile pairs. Change Tile Attributes: You can change attributes of tiles in specified map area. Either set attributes to absolute balue, or add or remove specified attributes. Change Tile Damage: Manipulates with tile's "Damage" property. The rock and sand craters are driven by tile's damage property (the more damage the bigger craters). You can set damage of tiles in specified map area to specific value or add/substract specific amount of damage. The damage range is 0 (healthy) to 255 (biggest craters). 4) Bug fixes - Fixed: Building upgrade tooltip now shows correct cost for easy and hard difficulty - Fixed: Exploding barrel, sardaukar and grenadier death damage is now properly dealt in the middle of building/unit - Fixed: Missing devastator self-destruct sound - Fixed: Damaged unit speed (units with red health bar are now slower than units with yellow health bar) - Fixed: MCV could be deployed on crates - Fixed: Error messages when winning/losing as side > 2 - Fixed: Infantry rarely remaining invulnerable after being released from a destroyed building - Fixed: AI getting stuck in infinite loop building and cancelling concrete when it's about to (re)build a building - Fixed: AI starting building upgrade with zero credits causing upgrade stuck in HOLD state - Fixed: AI losing ability to order units from starport after it tries to order a unit with low cash - Fixed: Practice AI won't go/turn off berserk mode if it receives a MCV later during mission - Fixed: Increased the message duration to 400 ticks also for built-in messages (neutral became hostile etc) - Fixed: In-game briefing UI lockup, custom briefing will always show for any mission number or side - Fixed: When you change side you play as using Debug menu, it will restore to original after restarting map (does not work when you save game with the side changed and load it back) - Fixed: Excluded OPTIONS.AUD and SCORE.AUD music tracks from random music rotation - Fixed: Exploding barrel building should not deal damage when it is sold 5) Extensions and improvements - Extended maximum length of in-game briefing loaded from mission ini file (from 4096 to 65536 characters) - Added support for different type of infantry released from destroyed/sold building for different side (This is driven by Owner side setting for unit types - the first infantry owned by a side matches) - Added custumizable max. number of infantry to be released from destroyed/sold building and customizable chance (This is driven by "infantryReleaseLimit" and "infantryReleaseChance" rules) - Preserve original tiles beneath spice, concrete and building skirt tiles after spice/concrete/building is removed - Concrete pre-paced on map using specific tiles having "concrete" attribute will be indestructible - Spice works properly in tilesets where spice and buildings can be placed on same tiles (i.e. Red Alert) (you cannot place buildings on spice but can place them where it was harvested, spice blooms won't create spice underneath buildings) - Added rule "buildingsAlwaysNeedPrerequisites": if turned on, a building will be available to build only when its prerequisites are present, and become unavailable when its prerequisite is destroyed or sold (like how it works for units). - Added rule "returnCreditsToSpiceStorage": if turned on, credits from cancelled builds and starport orders will be returned as spice into silo storage capacity (if not enough capacity, remaining credits will be given as cash and won't be lost). This makes the starport exploit unusable. Does not apply to selling buildings and bonus cash crates. - Added new AI property "DontFaceUnitsAwayFromConYard": if turned on, units for a side with active AI won't be set to face away from construction yard at the start of mission. How to place crates with special values: Please test the new features and let me know if you see any problems. Here is github repository with my own added patches: https://github.com/jkoncick/dune2000-sp-patches
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