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  1. Good Job! My thoughts: Something looks off about the concrete slabs, lacking some of the 3D shading effect I believe. Explosions look really nice as does the animated mouse cursors actions, I will say the explosions appear blocky maybe that could be improved some. Many of the flying units seem to want to strafe at strange angles when flying in straight lines 😮 Flying units seem to fly under the smoke effect 😮 I love the unit path lines, I'm assuming this is a debug feature but should be gameplay IMO Carryall shadows are nice but i feel are maybe too dark? should have some level of transparency IMHO, similar to the one used by smoke. Frigate Shadows seem to be inconsistant from the caryall shadow angle, maybe thats just me. Like the carryalls appear to fly while the frigate seems to just hover slightly above the ground.
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