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  1. I have made my own dune stories with commanders that don't exist in the same paradox but are very impressive. The method I used was 2D objectifying art in dune style armor and in many regions my nation with the Harkonnen conquers all paradoxes with my exactor science. Gordon Dark Shnider Also originally a Harkonnen Ruler and Advisor in the High Commanding General Rikes that shares with Ecticon his commander rikes and his conquering strategies along with battle formation and new units. He leads the from his own deadlier version of the assault tank, the Demonstrator I which has tri cannon that could demolish enemy territory. Assault Tank (The Devision Panzers Tank) The assault tank is a very fast tank with heavy armor and armed with an assault cannon. Which means it takes 8 cannon shells to be destroyed instead of 4 hits to making this tank a good front arms tank. Similar to the original assault tank found in the Emperor's Battle for dune. I also conquer in text based conquest/skirmish. Are you interested in this type of gaming? A freestyle text based conquest in a hosting server, if you're interested I can give you any props you request in this field. A friend of mines has chosen the old Dune the battle for Arrakis style for his RP so this has given me an offset for my original unit making style. It isn't dune but it is quite an interesting game.
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