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  1. Hello all, I know it's been a long time, but I'm back, and should have several new releases in store very soon. I also feel I need to compliment the modding community for the incredible new tools I've seen available on here - it would appear I have a lot of catching up to do, and it's wonderful to see how alive and well this community is. Here, I have a small pack of multiplayer maps I designed, all thoroughly tested online both with friends and with strangers. Contains: Smuggler's Cove [4P] - A pretty straightforward 4 player free for all map. Smuggler's Cove Co-Op Version [4P] - Same map, but for 2v2 co-op games. Desert Islands [4P] - A slightly strange 4 player map on which no single rock has reasonable room for a full base. Players can rapidly expand by capturing 'neutral' silos on other small rocks across the map, or deprive their opponents of the same opportunities by destroying them. >>>WANING - Win trigger will only activate once all silos are destroyed or captured. Desert Islands Co-Op Version [4P] - Same as Desert Islands, but for 2v2 co-op games. Abandoned Observatory [4P] - Bridges lead to a bottlenecked, easy to defend central island with easy access to safe spice harvesting, and a captureable Imperial Palace for cheap Sardaukar for any faction - if you can take and hold the middle in time. Abandoned Observatory CoOp Version [4P] - Same as Abandoned Observatory, but for 2v2 co-op games. Abandoned Observatory Extended CoOp Version [6P] - An extended version of Abandoned Observatory for 2v2v2 co-op games. >>>WARNING - Do not attempt to play with 8 players on this map, as supposedly neutral structures will be owned by player 8. MultiplayerMapPack.7z
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