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    For anyone who may be interested... AGT&SG.zip A little while ago I came out with a standalone mod for Light Infantry. Related thread here: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/28716-shotgunners-light-infantry-graphicssoundweapon-mod/ Now that the Autogun Turret is complete, and with Feda's new launcher coming out soon (the one that will allow us to load mods on a per-mission basis), the Autogun Turret and standard Light Infantry together might be a little too much pew pew and not enough kaboom. So, that download link up there contains both the Autogun Turret and Shotgunner. Someone else looking to add one or the other to the standalone mods would have had to go rifling through TibEd, importing and adjusting all the sprites, and sorting the sound effects. Figured I'd take care of it myself for those looking to make new maps with both and for those who just want to play with both. Enjoy.
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