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    Ever feel like Gun Turrets kind of suck? Well, they don't, but I've got another new thing for y'all anyway. This is a standalone mod that turns your traditional long-barreled cannon turret into highly responsive dual guns that mow down infantry and can be generally oppressive against vehicles. That's all this mod does. Here are some screenshots of all 32 frames in the three main colors, and their sidebar icon: Here are some gameplay tips: Design theory rant below spoiler: Regarding their animation / sound design: Here's a download link: AGTs.zip If you wanna install the mod, merge the data folder in the zip with the one in your D2k directory. The data folder under the backup folder in the zip can be merged with the data folder in your D2k directory to restore the changes this mod makes to the default state of the game. Have fun.
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    Thanks! I did my best. I'm SUPER excited for the next installment of your legendary campaign, Feda! So glad these beauties are making their debut there, of all places.
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