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    Hi. I am an active modder, as you may see from the index my name multiple times. If you want to try custom maps, I will tell you that the ones that said "rearrange" are the earliest creation on maps that required to overwrite vanilla files in order to play it, so I updated them to work with the launcher and not overwritte anything . For the most part these maps are going to be really simple in terms of gameplay of maps (tools back then were a bit tedious to use); just to give you an indication on what to expect. I mean, if you want to start "slow" and just "I wonder what people tried to create" while still playing overall traditional maps (base vs base; 3 vs 3) and so on; you may want to start playing some of them. However, if you have the intention on playing something more complex in terms of objetive, like "first do this, so you can do that and later that will help you to do that third thing" (while still building a base) then my own works (not the rearrange). If you want a good story Fedaykin War of assasins it's a good choice, with the plot of the three houses conecting each other; Fey's Smuggler it's the most extend on that regard; it is also the one mod that add new units and building as well, and require lots of files to be applied into the game just to play them. Others are just a bit weird map that do not take the cannon seriously, like the Glory campaigns. So as Harkonnen you will use Fremen, the Atreides will attack with saboteurs and no story it's told but there is no altering (original files) required. So there is a bit of everything there. Whatever you pick to play I hope you enjoy. The first clip killing your own unit and the Mentat praising you for that was hilarious. I just notice that you already played some of the campaigns (unless the clip it's from another player), because I reconize my Butlerian Jihad mission 9 at 9:25 mark. I updated that campaign so now enemies use a different color so I can combine tecnology (3 houses units, not only Atrides one) but yes, my map indeed :P.
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