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    Currently there are some tileset released throughout the forum. These tilesets lacks a ".ini" file which can help map creators to do maps more easily, grouping tiles and separated them so it's more easy to see, but also assigning a key on the keyboard to place these tiles withouth needing to open the whole tileset at all. Keep in mind that I am not the owner of the tileset itself; I am not changing any tile from that tileset or the attributes (if you can walk over that tile, build and so on), this is a non-invasive add-on to help modders. My plan goes to do it with all the old tileset that lacks such file: BLOXSNOW: Snow Cliff : Water Cliffs: Rivers: Coasts: Roads: Other details: BLOXTD: Ground Cliff: River: Coast: Road: Other specials: BLOXTEM: Ground cliff: Water Cliff: Rivers: Coast: Road: Other specials: BLOXINT: Gray Walls: Red Walls: Yellow Lines: (both version, ground and metal) Red lines: Other specials: Floor Shadows: (for this last one I am not sure fi some of these are suppose to be attached into another tile, just in case I place all of them separated). Now the custom .ini will show new colors on the minimap (only while modding): Here, the same map using 2 different tilesets: BLOXSNOW: BLOXTEM: Files: Todos Tilesets Personalizados.rar<-- This include all the .ini, all the bin and all the .r16 files needed. This file includes: BLOXBAT2: Luminar's night mission based on Bloxbat; I fixed the grey stuff from the spice so now the spice won't look weird. Normal spice. BLOXBGP: A Giedi Prime based. Normal spice. BLOXCRFT: Wacraft 2 winter tileset. Chopped trees as spice. BLOXHILN: A Heighliner tileset, to create the interior of a big Dune ship. box-crates as thin spice and "mini-repair-pad" as thick spice. BLOXINT: The interior of a building. Gold as thin spice, gems as thick spice. BLOXRETR: Dune 2 graphics tileset. Normal spice. BLOXSNOW: Snowdy map with rifts, rivers and roads. The spice it's gems. BLOXTD: Green land, rifts, water and roads. the spice it's tiberiun. BLOXTEM: Green land, rifts, water and roads. the spice it's gold. To make these tilesetes to appear you need the ".r16" files (same name) into the game's data folder; you can get these files by executing cncnet.exe or downloading the file I upload earlier, that have all needed to work with. If you have them already, place these ".ini" files into the folder "/tilesets" from the editor's path; the program should reconice then auto. Keep in mind you also need the "*.bin" files that are part of the tileset. Update: The new ".ini" will allow any modder to place spice directly into your map withouth switching into another tilesets.
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