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    I forgot something. From the moddb.com webpage somebody uploaded "Changed dune", modding the game: the list on the spoiler contain the changes he did; just in case you want new ideas or something. Those modifications are suppose to be as part of the main game, but on top of a slighly edited original maps he also included a few new maps. I arrange those maps to work with the mission launcher without needing to overwrite the original game; in case you would like to have a try of that specific mod (or just seeing how the changes behave in game) you can test it on the three new maps the guy added or just any other map; from here: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27422-updating-and-rearranging-missionscampaigns-from-d2k/ It's at the botton as stand alone file. It's always interesting seeing stuff like a quad using a machine gun or the Devastator having an insane splash damage and things like that. Also there is the Luminar Fremen campaign that add Fremen, grenadiers and building sietchs; I don't remember right now if there were more changes done into the game. Keep in mind that post it's just a recopilation of other people creation. I did some fixes and the update to work with mission launcher, but none of those maps and campaigns posted there are mine in any way.
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