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    Hey there, another update! Download: D2kEditorv13pre3.zip Changelog: Added: Highlighting events having selected condition feature Fixed: Program now checks, if window would appear off-screen (i.e. previously opened on second monitor which is now unplugged) and resets its position Changed: Program now automatically loads all all .ini files placed into "tilesets" folder, instead of loading tileset list from "config\tilesets.ini". All tileset .ini files must now contain name of attributes file. Added: Loading tileset images directly from game's internal .R8 and .r16 files Removed: Editor is no longer distributed with tileset .bmp files Fixed: Improved auto-detection of game folder, detection of missions stored under "Data\Missions" folder The major improvement in this update is much easier work with custom tilesets. First, it is no longer needed to specify all your tilesets in editor's tileset.ini file, but instead you can just place your tileset's .ini file into tilesets folder and editor will automatically load them. Second, the editor can now directly load the tilesets in game's internal formats (.R8 and .R16)! That means no longer need to distribute those heavy .bmp files along with the editor and your custom tileset packs. (Do you remember Shai Hulud and its "Tileset extractor" thing which actually did not work properly? D2kEditor can load .R8 and .R16 files fast on the fly, and it's written in just about 30 lines od source code!). The editor first looks into game's Data folder and attempts to load .R16 first, then tries .R8 if .R16 is not present. If not found in game's folder, looks into editor's tilesets folder for .R16 or .R8, and finally tries to load for a .bmp file (i.e. BLOXBGBS.BMP, without "d2k_" prefix). As of the attribute file (TILEATR*.BIN), editor first attempts to load it from editor's tilesets folder, then looks for it in game's Data\bin folder. Note that you still need to create special TILEATR file with editor's additional attributes, otherwise editing will not work properly (i.e. it won't bo possible to draw sand, rock, dunes etc.). If you want to use a new custom tileset with the editor right away, all you must do is to copy all files into game folder, and copy tileset's ini and TILEATR file into editor's tilesets folder (if the author didn't provide those, just copy template.BIN, name it according to tileset name, and edit attribute file name on the second line). Another improvement is easier use of the editor for the first-time users. That means just download the editor, unpack it into any location on your computer, load a map from the game's maps or Missions folder, and everything will be ready and configured! And the editor should also support the case when missions are stored in Data\Missions folder. No longer need to edit or fix anything in D2kEditor.ini file manually. I would really like to ask you for thorough testing of everything what I described here, if it really works and there isn't any bug, a flaw, or an overlook. I tried hard to tune up the program and address most of the problems people complained of here on the forum. Also I do not have multiple monitors on my computer, so I could not really properly test the check for window being displayed off-screen, so please somebody who has multiple monitors, test this and let me know if program works well on multi-monitor setup. Also this is going to be the last pre-release version, as I'm going to publish official 1.3 release soon and ask for putting it on D2K+ site for download. So this is the last chance for any bug reports or feature/improvement suggestions! Heh, that's really nice analysis, I was never actually thinking of that. Althrough it's quite interesting suggestion, unfortunately I did not implement this, because I just didn't find it beneficial enough to be worth implementing it (in other words I didn't feel like doing it). For me the random tile placement editor uses is just good enough, but I'm not against adding this feature at some point.
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