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how to play LAN dune2000


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i have friend, michael, michael have dune2000 1.02 and can't play LAN , how help michael?

p.e michael have dune2000 downloaded from kazaa, with no 1.06 support . , michael have full wersion , + additional trainers and debugers. and this version of game don't have a installed patch/mod for lan playing. from getting this mod for update lan gaming?

please help!!!!!

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little late but still, a bit confused .. he has a full version but needs a patch to play LAN games ? As far as I know the full versions of Dune2000 have the abilety to play online [ Westwood online ] and on a local area network. [ provided the westwood online components have been installed I think ].

Is Dune2000 the only thing not working and if so what features of the LAN are working ?

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your first post was a bit confusing, for it to work you must have the SAME version (preferably the latest).

howly wersion, i have downloaded from kazaa, i dont have CD wersion :(

i need wersion 1.03 or 1.06? and howly patch using to playing dune2k in lan

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To my knowledge there is no patch for LAN gaming.

You mean that the option to play LAN games is not available in the copy of Dune2K that you are using ?

The only things that pop into mind are that you need the same version, you need ROTC to play online and Westwood Shared Internet components need to be installed if the game has that option. [ forgot about it for Dune2k though it's the case with RA who will install it as an option ]

Is the version of both Dune2000 games v1.06 ?

And didn't Dune2000 use IPX as protocol, you could check if that is installed on both computers.

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