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That's kinda different tho, I didn't worry bout the Scytale in Messiah, could just be a oft-used tleilaxu name or a genetic upgrade or something. I just can't figure why Waff goes and there's this Scytale from nowhere. Waff doesn't die in Heretics, does he?

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I have some memory of a Tlkeilaxu holy council meeting in which Scytale and Waff served contemporaneously.

??? (where is the smilie with question marks when you need him?)

what do you mean served contemporaneously?

It seems that Waff is called Scytale by the narrarator etc, but everyone refers to him as waff.

"Scytale," Waff said.

The youngest and most baby-faced of the councillors, seated at the far left as was fitting, leaned forward eagerly.

"Arm the faithful," Waff said.

not sure if he is referring to himself as scytale or not.

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