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Ultimate Conflict

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I looked over the boards and noticed we're currently short of one of the classic make your own House and build up your forces and economy etc threads.


- Make your own house

- Limit of three planets to begin with

- Travel takes at least two posts no "My ships telaported to your planet and blew you up."

- No god modding

- If you plan to win make your opponent still sound good nonetheless

- No invisible ships, nuke, biological/chemical weapons/satilite based ion cannons, etc, etc.

- No 4,567,678,567 battlecruiser fleets

- No god moddingb

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House - Carthak

Goverment - Totalitarion, ultimate power residing in Prime Ministers decision.

Military - Residing mostly in ground forces though there is a small space fleet and a existent Navy on planet Hurick.

Planets -

Hurick - A lush, green world with many wide and long rivers with plenty of cities and forests, capitol planet.

Danchack - A dark, cold world where there is very little life besides the miners that mine the planets large amounts of natural resources.

VI - A large planet that is half water world and half land. This planet is where most of the total population of the House resides.

Leaders: Prime Minister Realick

Group of 12 advisors.

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The KYA empire streches across three worlds in the KYA system near the fractal core of K1870.

A system of 11 planets that orbit the blue sun of Montreago.

The KYA exist on the Second Third, Third, And fourth with scatterd military instalations and colonies spread through out the system.

KYA Mahral is the second world of the KYA system, It has a large mining population and is mostly used for mining and excavation, Its odd double core produceds a very high amount of Iron and other ores. Scatterd forest remains exist on the world. with the largest city being Mahral having a population of 12 million.

KYA prime is the capital of the KYA empire. To protect the envirment, the 7.9 billion in habets live under ground. The surface is used for Farming and agriculture use.

KYA Verdun is used exlusivly by the KYA militar, Population 1.2 billion. Other information requires level 34 Security clearence.

the rest is for later :)

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The small fleet of two flagships, three destroyers, four cruisers and 130 escort fighters glided through open space silently. The astriod belt was coming up but unfortunaly, the ships had to take a direct path through it and get to the moon behind it and use it's gravitational pull to their advtanage sending the ships flying at a far faster speed home.

"Incoming astriod belt in minus five minutes sir." The Captain simply paced up and down the command room thinking of the decision that would undoubtfully cost him lives. Then a sudden boom shook the flagship as lights flickered on and off.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!" Screamed the captain getting his stance back together.

A man spun around from his command post in his chair and yelled frantickly; "Sir we're under attack, by the KYA!"

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House:CommonWealth of Tork

Leader:President Torkoros Parakka

Militairy:A Force of about 9 Million men, each divided into 3 Divisions of 3 million


-Torkara .:The mild and main planet of The Commonwealth of Tork, the population here is about 15 billion.

-Mar Sarga .:A boot world and resource world, mainly for training the militairy and fleet.

-Reach(So sue me I couldn't think of any other name for a shipyard)

.:The main fleetmaking facility. A large artificial ring planet, like Halo(Sue me if you want to)

12 Destroyers

5 Carriers

700 Thousand Attack Craft

10 Refit Stations

20 Attack Frigates

15 Heavy Attack Frigates

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The Centauri Dominion

Government: Imperial Dynasty


-Alpha Centauri A: Lush tropical world, primary food producer, Capitol planet

-Alpha Centauri B: Largely mineral world, primary mining area

-Alpha Prime: Artificial World, similar in appearence to HALO, primary ship and weapons producer.

Military: 200,000 regulars

1,000 Fighters

2 command carriers

1 flagship (The Alpha)

5 destroyers

3 crusiers

200 transports (unarmed)

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The leader of the Centauri Dominion clasped his hands behind his back and looked out, from Alpha Prime, at the huge Forsaken-class battleship, the Alpha.

He let out a small chuckle and ordered the perimeter satellites deployed. If anything came into his system he would know.

And he ordered the exploration ships launched. Soon he would have more planets and more power.

He smiled.

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