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Out of sync on LAN


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Game: Dune2000

Sorry to post what seems as a repeat, but all the other LAN threads do not mention this.

I can run a game on a Lan fine. With win98-xp and win98-win98. However, after approx 5 mins I get an error, (out of sync,) and the host (and sometimes the client too,) freeze and are kicked ro the main room.

I use a 100mbits per second connection, I doubt the speed is an issue. I use a standard Cat5 cable with router.


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Could you try to play just between the Win98 computers and see if it still happends ?

And which of the 3 computers do you use as host for the game, are all the games patched or had the same change in software upgrade if any ..

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Thanks for the prompt reply!

I consider don't myself a newbie, so if you don't mind i'll ignore the comment on 'progs' running in background' etc, but I see why you said it.

I run the game between the two win98 oses (dual boot systems on both,) usually, as winXP is pretty poor for games.

The Ultrafast Win98 pc does the host. Most othergames work, but Q3 did have a problem just now. Half life (+mods, NS RULES!) work fine.

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If you are using systems with very different processors, which I suspect is what you are doing since you mention the ultrafast system, then the chances of going out of sync are a lot higher. At least that has been my experience helping people with OOS problems using Dune 2000. The game doesn't have very good networking code to begin with.

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Thanks again for swift replies. You guys are really quick.

Yes BOTH machienes (there are two, but one has dual boot,) are patched to the same version, but it is probably not the latest version.

Thanks for the info on the processors. Is that correct? Wouldn't the host compensate for slower players?

Anyway, the host uses an Athlon 1.53Gh and the client uses a PentiumIII, so the difference is quite substantial, both in clockpseed and processor architecture.

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You could try the latest patch from Westwood.

Don't think the hosts compensates for any of his clients though. Although a fast host is preferable as it is running most of the computations.

Did you have a change to play just with the Win98 ones ?

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