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The Price of Knowledge: Merlin's reflection

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upon reaching the upper chamber of the keep, Jung stopped to take a quick rest. the spirling stairs took so long to climb. He kept asking himself how the great Merlin could do it, even with all the majick that he aquired. after a few more breaths, he walked over to the door and just before he was going to pound on the solid oak, the door opened.

"Hello child, my answer is no. you do not know what you are asking for."

the door slammed on jungs nose, slightly disorienting him. Building composure he knocked on the door this time.

"I know what I am getting into, sire. I wouldnt have traveled from the other side of the island if I wasent. I can wait for a long time you know. that will show you just how patient I am!"

He could hear a little chuckle in the other room, which just infuriated Jung more. He went over to the wall and slinked to the floor. 'fine' he thought. 'I can wait here forever. you will see then that I mean it!'

Three hours of waiting and the frost that accumulated outside of merlin's room was destroying Jungs moral. Obviously Merlin did not wish to see him. With all the dignity he could muster, he stood and walked up to the door. He would not be thrown aside this time. With all his soul and all his heart, he wanted to become an apprentice under Merlin, like so many others.

Just as he was about to slam on the door, it opened.

"Well I see that you are serious. You dont know what you are getting into Jung. if you only understood, then you would stop this foolishness."

"No, you are the one that does not understand. My village is plagued with bandits. I am a weak man, steel and sword are not my best allies. I have a sharp mind though. I want to understand so that I can better protect my people. Surely that is a righteous request. Mythras would have it no other way."

Merlin grew angry and flared.

"You dont know what Mythras wants, silly boy! Its just lucky enough for you that I do know. I have been expecting you child. For many a'night I have fought with Mythras. Pleading and arguing not to use you. I know of your past. You are one of the most righteous on this island. Such a change of your soul would tear my heart apart and take away one of our people's best."

With a heavy exhale, Merlin sat back down in his chair. Obviously distressed for what would have to happen.

"I wish to serve Mythras and my villiage! Dont you see that this is a blessing from the savior! ...if you would just let me speak words to you that have been pent up in my heart for all these years, you would see."

"I already do my child. You just dont understand."

Jung began to grow upset at all of the cryptic remarks. He stood up and spoke sternly to Merlin.

"If you would tell me master, I would then be more capable of choosing my destined path. I wish this more than anything. I wish to recieve the powers of Mythras for righteous purposes. You can see that master."

"So be it child" merlin spoke with a grave face. "To attain the powers of Mythras, you must understand the Total Truth. It can be spoken by no man, only by Mythras himself. He has called me to give you this truth to aid in the building of order in these wild lands."

"How can I attain this truth?"

"You shall never know. I will lead you blind folded to a chamber that houses the Balmont Crystal. The conduit of Mythras. Then you shall become my apprintice."

"How long will it take to attain the level of powers as yours?"

Merlin smiled.

"You are bright eyed arent you child? This path you are about to take is a lifetime choice. You will be weak in the beginning, but with growth in these powers and understanding how to use them, you will become strong."

A day passed, and Jung was housed in another room in the spire that was home of Merlin. after eating some gruel, Merlin entered the door and began to speak.

"It is Time, Jung. My heart is weaping, and you must not ask why, for it is an anathema to Mythras. Only take this blindfold and tie it upon your eyes. If you try to peak past the cloth, you will be struck down by the God that you wish to serve. Do you understand child?"

"Yes master, I shall follow as a lamb follows his shepherd." this statement made Merlin feel a slight bit of happiness through the sorrow.

"Words that even I couldnt say with such eloquence. Now come once you are ready."

Jung tied the blind fold on his head. he told Merlin he was ready. To his suprise he no longer felt ground. only a sensation of nothingness, and suddenly the feel of dank, moisture laden walls. As if he was in a crypt.

The room was circular with no furnishings. Only a large cut crystal in the center. The crystal changed from blue to purple. bolts of lightenings came from the top and bottom fulcrums of it.

Merlin then started to mutter words.

To Jung, they were not understandable. He began to grow afraid. He then felt that he was levitating. With strength of heart, he trusted in Mythras. Suddenly he felt that he was being electricuted with the force of a million bolts. Then nothingness.

He had been transported into the crystal.

After what seemed like a thousand lifetimes, Jung came to consciousness. All he could see was pure white, as if the universe itself was sucked from existance. Then, with a prickling in his spine, he looked below. He saw a vortex of dark clouds spiraling into oblivion. Only until he saw a figure come from this event horizon, did he feel true fear. The creature was indeed beautiful, but instilled such awe into Jung, that he cried as if he was a little child.

"My child, I am placing you into a horrible position. I will tell you now why Merlin cries for you. the Total Truth is the understanding of destiny. Total Truth gives you the power of the universe, albeit limited. The Total Truth though is also the greatest curse,and this must be placed upon you. Those who wish to attain this knowledge become defiled in the site of the Sureme God in which I serve. I am only the mediator between him and mankind. the third Aeon decended from the servents of the Most High. You will upon death be trapped into the oblivion. such as even worse than hades itself. You will understand what true sorrow means. Upon the entrance of the Void, you will no longer be able to communicate to outside influances, only to suffer with me in the same pain as I had while dying for the sins of the human race. Hellfire will be a paradise to you, and you will no longer have want to know happiness of an afterlife. All you will have is your corporial existance. This is what you will cling to. You will try to find immortality, but it will be fruitless. In the end, Your life will be a futile experiance. You will serve humankind though with the powers recieved from this curse. The Total Truth is the Total Curse!"

Mithras recited this seven more times, then turned into a creature of unimaginable Horror. THe mouth filled with black teeth shot out power into Jung's entire being. He screamed and fell back into trance, out of pure fear and sorrow, as well as the power given to him.

As soon as Jung awoke, he found himself without blindfold. Tears blinded his eyes instead.

"Now you know why I cry for you child. We are the forgotten ones. We will never know redemption. We pay the ultimate sacrifice for Mithras. In so we are able to serve him with Godlike powers."

Jung, unable to scream out of great sadness finally choaked out words that would haunt him the rest of his life.

"I want to be ignorant again. I wish I had never made such a choice."

Through the years, Jung served Mithras and became as powerful as Merlin himself. He saved entire villages from hoards of amoral bandits. People proclaimed him a hero, and he gave all credit to Mithras. He found what true humility was.

When Merlin died, the King of the land declared him the successor of Merlin's authority and power. He would live out the rest of his days a victor over all evil. Such good deeds have never been done before him.

He paid the price though for the ultimate truth. And though he served his God Mithras faithfully, and gained love and strength from him, he always remembered those words he said to Merlin.

He never changed his feelings. Jung would always regret his choicee for seeking such power.

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I love it, as I told you over IM. I'm a big fan of mythology, inclusing Arthurian Legend, so I found it very interesting.

I like how Merlin did not approve of Jung's "enlightenment", but realized the necessity of it.

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