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Fox and Friends

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On Fox and Friends this morning I saw something really funny. There was this guy named "Chef Francois." He was making the "weasel stew." It went something like this.

Francois (with a very bad French accent): Today, I am going to show you how to make the weasel stew. First, we take the Gerhard Shroeder. Bad Gerhard Shroeder.

(he takes a hammer and smashes a piece of cheese that looks like Gerhard Shroeder, then he throws it in this big pot)

Now, we take the Saddam Hussein.

(he does the same thing that he did with Gerhard Shroeder)

Now, we take a little French wine,

(he pours a bottle of wine into the pot)

a bottle of the bad French wine.

(now, he takes out a Dixie Chicks [did i spell that correctly?] album and smashes it with the hammer)

Bad Dixie Chicks!

(throws it in the pot)

(now, he did similar things with pictures from a magizine. I don't remeber the names.)

Now, the butter!

(he takes a gallon tub of butter and pours it all into the pot)

(afterwards, he puts a long loaf of French bread in the pot. The french bread is like 2.5 times the height of the pot.)

This might not have seemed so funny now because you are reading it off a webpage. I really posted this to see if anyone here saw it. See, the guy had a website. They said it on the show, but I tried the website and it didn't work. I think I didn't remember the website correctly. Does anyone know what the website is?

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Goebbels would have been proud...

If he were alive today I know where he'd be working...

[hide] "Nein nein Herr Bush! Setzt oich und essen dein pretzelen!" [/hide]

Excuse the spelling please, it's been nearly a year since I took German...

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