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Dungeon Siege RPG

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Character Name:Ruhbik Steiner(Yep,I've ripped the last name off of MechWarrior)





Weight:110 lbs.

Weapons:Short Sword,Poison-tipped dagger,and brass knuckles.

Info:Born and raised inside the land of Ehb as a farmboy,the Krug destroyed his home and killed his mother and father.He vowed to avenge them,and becam a ranger/mercenary,wearing a brown mercenary outfit.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ruhbik beat down the small and stupid Krug that came lumbering towards him with his brass knuckles.

Stupid things,

he thought to himself.Ruhbik gave one final punch which silenced the grunt forever.

Better get a move on,

he thought to himself.

There might be skeletons.

Ruhbik slid off into the forest,climbing a tree to lookout for any other sign of life...humanlife..

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Name: Clovis

Height: 1.85m

Wheight: 55kgs

Brown hair, brown eyes.

Black outfit, white shirt, long brown cavalary boots.

Weapon: gladius.

Defence: no shield.

The night caught him in the forrest, though he was told NEVER to be caught in the forrest by night, he could have stayed in the village 'till morning. But he did that stupid thing: "Nah! That can't happend to me, I move fast enough..."

Well, he wasn't fast enough, and as it wasn't enough he was lost. Lost in a dangerous forest by night...

As he walks he hears a wolf pack in the distance.

"Did they smell me?"

The answer came along with the wolfs that surrownded him. He pulled his backpack to use it as a shield and started to swing the gladius back and forth...

The five wolfs weren't impressed, so they charged.

The first one was cut down easily, with a short blow in its head. But the second one approached: Clovis blocked him with his backpack and managed to stabb the wolf quite well - three more to go.

As he was fighting the second one, another wolf came from behind and bit his leg - Clovis' short sword swang and cut the neck of the wolf.

The other two, realising their foe was too dangrous to be faced in open combat, cheose to retreat and follow their wounded prey from a safe distance until he is weak enough not to represent a serious threat.

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All right! Yes yes yes! ;D

Name: Firefly

Tall, red hair down to shoulders, black and purple robe.

Skills: Combat mage, weak nature mage and weak archer.

Raised in the icy town of Glacern, he's used to hardship. Perhaps not the most friendly of people... Traveled recently to Stonebridge to aid in the battle against the Krug. He currently waits at the gates for any news from the scouts, waiting to move out.

"Damn Krug, why can't they ever show up when I'm around?" Firefly grumbled to himself, sending a tiny fireshot into the darkness of the trees, briefly lighting them before it exploded with a small 'pop' He smiled, and sent another, and another. It was quite some time before he noticed the wolf pack from the side. Of course by then it was far too late, and as he turned the lead wolf attacked...

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