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Dune Trivia


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I'll give it to you, since it was Radi who died first of Sionas Companions, although I was looking for Ulot as he was the first mentioned to die. But I knew the question would be somewhat confusing. (not worded good enough)

So you can ask next question.

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For the sake of keeping this thread alive, I'll say you're correct.

1) The Wierding Room's cieling was a skylight which filtered the white Arrakeen light to yellow light, which was better for the plants.

2) "Servok" mechanisms that would automatically water the plants at certain proghrammed times.

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What is the exact number of Reverend Mothers that Rebecca carried in the Lampadas Horde? (it is stated exactly)

Hint: Found in Chapterhouse Dune.

Also it would be interesting to see them "share" with the vast number the Lampadas Horde is, in a possible short time unless Burzmali seen a threat and could do nothing about it.(in which they would have enough time to share easily.)

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