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Frank and Frankenstein


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Caution!! (Spoilers for Frank Herbert's various works.)

notice that almost every series of books frank wrote is about creating a "monster" you cant control?

Dune series:

the creation of thinking machines.

the bene gesserit and Paul the messiah.

The Godmakers:

Religious enginerers create a transendant God

that goes rogue.

Pandora Trilogy:

The creation of Ship.A plan from "moonbase" that seemed to be a mission to Tau Ceti wasin actuality an elaborate plan to get clones from the brightest of humanity and "shipwreck" them in space by making O.M.C.'s, (human brains in axolotl tanks.) Go insane and destroy themselves.they would have to create A.I. and by doing so create Ship, an ultra intelligent intelligence that used the computer power of the whole ship to enhance his intellect. He made the clones that he carried "worSHIP" himself and destroyed the earth. He then transplanted the clones on a new planet Pandora to breed and create a new culture based on worSHIP of him.

Whipping Star series:

The abuse of the living star Fanny Mae, and how the drainage of her powers to open doors through space-time threatens to destroy the delecate physical and metaphysical works of space.

White Plague:

A man that has gone insane in the I.R.A. grows a strain of genetics in a virus that kills all women of the planet. The man was a genius that was pushed too far.

Heaven Makers:

extremely powerful alien race controls mankind and makes them perform the drama of life and religion for the twisted alien's entertainment. The people revolt and destroy them.

There is a lot more. This is just a short list that I have come up with. Have any of you guys noticed this? Frank really focuses his books on this issue. He even talks about it in the preface of Destination:Void. Why do you think he does this? any different opinions?

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Just to provide more examples:

The Dosadi Experiment:

Dosadi - a quarantined, poisonous world - is changing it's inhabitants. This was a secret experiment gone too far.

Man of Two Worlds:

The Dreen created the human race/universe. Now, humanity has the capability to discover their creators, and possibly destroy them.

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"the bene gesserit and Paul the messiah"

That is...

The Bene Gesserit created, but could not control, Paul.

Paul created, but could not control, the Jihad.

Paul created, but could not control, Leto.

Paul created (helped instigate by conquest), but could not control, the spread of vegetation on Arrakis.

The Tleilaxu created, but could not control, Hayt.

Leto created (well, ordered), but could not control, most of the Duncans.

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