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The Machines Reign

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New fanfiction I made.....

"M'lord the machines will be upon us withen the hour." The ruler slowly turned in his seat gaing at his advisor with lost hope.

"We have no choice now....Deploy them" The advisor gazed upon his Lord and just nodded.

The Emperor of the remaining humans fighting the machines then uttered the words which would live down in humanitie forever.

"Today ultimate human ignorence has been noticed. The very machines, the very CREATIONS we made have decimated humanities grip of Earth. Let it be known today that the time has come to elminate the threat so that any humans left may live in peace without worry over our past mistakes. God bless everyone of our souls, we could of never guessed."

And with that several nuclear blasts overtook Earth destroying it in a heap of rubble. Humanities birthplace along with their machines that posed a threat were now destroyed, nothing remained except a few distent pieces of rubble, and a lesson not forgotten.

Noticing the demise of humanities Empire many took off in inter steller ships bound for other planets not yet discovered. The ships flew off into the distence seperating from one each other. So many died in the process that every faction left thought they were the last sole operator of the human gene.


Make your own House, Planet name etc....State what your main resources are etc etc...

No God Modding

Space ships are VERY hard to produce and thus big battle cruisers and fleets are VERY VERY hard to come by so no 567 battle cruiser fleets.

Travel between two planets will take aproximently FOUR posts so that god modding is stopped dead in it's tracks.

Getting troops together will take the following amount of time (Not including time to travel between the two destinations)

100,000 - 2 Posts

100,001 - 450,000 - 3 Posts

450,001 - 650,000 - 4 Posts

650,001 - 980,000 - 5 Post2

980,001 - 3,000,000 6 Posts

If you decide you need MORE then that (God forbid no 45 billion troop armies or else your going to be here until the next Dune game comes out) talk to me personally.

You can have a maximum of four planets. State their weaknesses mineral wise, how much the population is etc..

Remember you have a small military to start with...

So enjoy..

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Cool.This sounds good.

House Ghartha

Status:House Minor


Planet2:Bushido IV



Navy:2 Destroyers,3 Airaft Carriers,10 Small Armored Baots

Space Fleet:4 Destroyers,2 Support Stations,10 Small Armored Space Craft

Main Currency:Solaris

Planet Currency:Cells

Planet 1 Desc:A lush,retreat/estate world,with large plains, oceans,and places covered by private estates.

Planet 2 Desc:A military world,used for producing arms,training soldiers,and making war vehicles/space craft.Simialr to Giedi Prime.

Planet 3 Desc:The main world of House Ghartha.Cities are dotted around this earth-like world,but with only 15 major cities,and about 100 smaller cities.

Planet 1 Weakness:Very little mineral mines,most material has to be flown in.

Planet 1 Strong Point:Large,grassy plains.Can be used as an advantage because if other 2 planets invaded,all the troops can come here and land safely.

Planet 2 Weakness:Since it is a military world.resources are almost always being pressed.Not many trees,so many die of pollution.

Planet 2 Strong Point:Because it is a rocky world,it has many minerals and resources.

Planet 3 Weakness:If invaded and destroyed,the center of House Ghartha would collapse.

Planet 3 Strong Point:It has the largest population of the three,so it can summon up a quick militia group.

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I'll try this one out.

House Acerim

Planet System: Nebularis IX

Planet One: Triad

Planet Two: Barren

Planet Three: Crysand

Planet Four: CC IV

Triad - The inhabitable planet with one triangle-shaped continent, with small surrounding islands. The atmosphere resembles the Predecimation Age on Earth, with a tiny bit more oxygen. The citizens of Nebularis IX reside on this planet to live out their lives working for the Confed - the U.N. of sorts with a moderate army to enforce the Interplanetary Law.

Barren - Orbiting behind Triad, this is a swamp world - much smaller than Triad, almost appearing as a moon, but it follows its own path around the center star. The swamps are deep and filled with creatures ready to feast on eachother or any other organism within reach. The dokplads dominate this world, with their massive bodies and always-empty stomach. Escavading has been done in the northern sectors to develop hidden military bases to operate new technology, and testing it in the swamp environment, although recent attacks of the dokplads has delayed any progress.

Crysand - The closest to the center star, this desert land leaves nothing to live on it, except for harshly adapted plants populating the planet. These plants, the ornids, maintain what is left of the atmosphere (just enough to live in ). This holds the training facilities underground, where soldiers either progress in their training, or return to Triad in shame. Fortunately, the people are adapted to rigorous training, so dropouts are minimal.

CC IV - This planet is the second-closest to the center star, and is used as a retreat for soldiers or civilians to come to in case of interstellar war. This planet is the most heavily defended, with rocky landscapes covering the crust of the planet - camoflaging missile launchers, radar interception and encryption, and turrets. Mock evacuations are held twice an equinox, costing considerable resources, but worth the experience.


Weakness - Minimal land, very few minerals (besides water) to be drained from this planet. It relies majorally on importing minerals, and exporting fresh water. Few base defenses.

Strength - Plenty of water, for exporting and energy-usage. Center of the Confed starfleet, docking bays and repair bays are located in the orbit of Triad.


Weakness - Nothing as of yet to be drained from this planet, all is swamp area. The dokplads delay any progress on making any uses of this planet, plans to destroy them in the northern sectors are under way.

Strength - None known.


Weakness - Nothing can survive above ground except the ornid plants. Landing on this planet is very harsh and dangerous, 100% of the casualties of deployment and landing of the entire Planet System occur on this planet.

Strength - Underground, there are huge amounts of minerals to be exported. While the exporting is a dangerous business, many risk their lives for the money the minerals bring. Also, the rocks are not very hard - hard, but not hard enough as to block any drilling. Tunnels and facilities have been made over the course of a year, with the heavily trained soldiers building underground cities for the soldiers while training. Adrenaline boosts are issued to the drillers every month, no addictions yet.


Weakness - Entire surface of the planet is covered with rocks, so building is very difficult if not impossible. Certain strategically chosen spots were escavated and had installations built on the uncovered land for defense purposes.

Strength - Heavily defended against orbital attacks, and the second center for the Confed starfleet - only docking bays orbit here. Used for retreat purposes only if necessary. The minerals in the rocks prove very useful in buildings and installations, so importing and exporting goes on very much.

Army - A single battalion exists, consisting of 9,530 soldiers. These soldiers in the majority live and train on Crysand, underground. Munitions are built on CC IV and sent here for usage.

Navy - Only on Triad, consists of 10 airfleet carriers, with 15 fighter jets on each one - ready to go. 2 destroyers on two sides of the continent, each installed with long-ranged missiles and flares for heat-seekers.

Space Fleet - 2 battle cruisers, one orbiting CC IV and the other orbiting Triad. Equipped with your standard munitions, with heavy firepower installed on the heads of the cruisers. Each cruiser has 5 supporting spacecrafts with medium firepower, and 2 repair shuttles. Docking bays and repair bays are distributed to the two stations as needed (repair bays only on Triad).

We fight for survival, and willing to bring you down with us.

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House Gigen


Leader: Commander Kres

Homeworld: Balan 4

Secondary Planet: Utar Prime

Commander Kres: Once a very well know and famous Captain for EPD, (Earth Planetary Defence) once earth was destroyed Kres took off with some of the remaining star-ships and headed off into the distant universe. Nobody has heard of him since. Promoted himself to Commander and created his own house. Former Earth military men will be sure to know Kres. Kres is a legend in his own time.

Fleet: 1 elite battle cruiser command ship, 7 Battle cruisers , 12 destroyers, 7 Cruisers and 5 carriors(amount of Raptor fighters is unknown because they are within the carriors, Presumed to many). House Gigen also has 14 Giginnian War Ships. These war ships are only built by the giginnians. They have advanced technology. Gigen is know for these crafts. Little is know about them because not many have encountered these ships and lived. No other force has them.

Army: The army is limited because House Gigen is known for its advanced space fleet. Light tanks and other armor, infantry.

Navy: They have no navy because there are no water masses on Balan 4 or Utar Prime.

Balan 4: Is a desert planet with violent storms and other weather conditions.

Utar Prime: Is the mining planet which mines Chicks, which are highly rare and limited. It takes a long time to even bring up 1000 chicks.

They have settled far out in the outskirts of the universe so are not see often. Ships that wander into there territory are hunted and terminated.

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House: Yuback

Plant System: Humla X

Planet One: Uhopia

Plant Two: Forisk

Plant Three: Derisk

Military: 450,000 strong

Space Fleet: Two battle cruisers, five destroyers, six cruisers, 2 air craft carriers

Plant Uhopia: This plant is a lush, green world with jungles covering 78 percent of the total ground surface. Many rivers creek throughout the dense jungles and the remaining 22% is taken up by very deep waters.

Weakness: The jungles make troop movements and new cities hard to do.

Strengths: Houses 2/3 of total space fleet, 2nd largest population and jungles provide cover.

Plant Forisk: This is quite the contrary to Uhopia. The whole surface is covered by a heavy layer of snow, ice and deathly cold weather. Heavy storms flow freely over the surface of the planet as the population lives underground.

Strengths: Provides 2/3 of total minerals used to build fleets. Weather protects surface.

Weakness: Surface is almost inhabitable, mining is dangerous as its deep withen the planet.

Plant Derrisk: This is a waterworld, only 11 percent of the huge surface is land. Deep oceans of even tends of thousands of feet are not un-rare.

Strengths: Water provides protection, houses 95% of all the fleet building facilities deep withen secret caverns.

Weakness: Surface is covered by little land.

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House- solicia

planet 1- solice

planet 2- Ghala

army- consists of a total of 30,00 well trained troops 20 persian tanks 10 spartan battle mechs 3 argos hover troop transports (HTT) and 5 hoplite battle mechs.

nany (space) 1 spade dreadnought, 2 club battle cruisers, 1 small carrier, 20 fighter, 10 bombers, total of 12,000 men.

planet solice strengths- main planet with alot of arable land, one third fresh water. has five space docks in orbit well defended, has all military vehicles; 20 persians, 10 spartans, 5 hoplites and 3 argos. space docks have all the navy located there. has 10,000 army personal.

weaknesses- hardly any minerals, mnust be transported from ghala.

ghala strengths- has 20,000 army personal and abundabnt minerals, terrain is rock, all structures must be under ground. has 6 resouce transports and 2 unarmed frigates used to carry troops, well defended.

weakness- food is scarce, all food is produced in special underground labs. High winds that go 50-175 kph.

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