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Factions Grasp Sign-Up

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Sign up here for Factions Grasp battle thread.

This is a war thread where you build your own faction but closly nitted by rules. There's little chance of god modding because I will be wacthing.

Sign Up Rules

You make your own faction but you can have only one planet.

You will build a economy on my rules which will be presented in the Battle thread.

Post your house info here

Sign up here and the long list of rules for a great fan fiction will be posted in the battle thread.

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I'm in.....I guess I have SOME experience from Low's thread. ::) :P



Planet Info:Lush jugle world.Jungle covers 2/3 of the planet,and water 1/3.High mountains and usually foggy conditions.

House Info:Founded as a House Minor 1,000 years ago,they are now one of the largest Houses that specialize in technology and weapons and arms dealing.Their leader is Duke Stephen Ghartha

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Very well... I'll try this out.

House Name: Neverwinter (Because I LIKE it!)

Planet: Haedreline.

Planet description: A recent shift in Haedreline's sun's balance has sent the planet into chaos. During the day it is baking hot with the equator unreachable due to the heat, everything must stay deep underground. At night it is plunged into freezing temperatures that can kill in minutes without proper protection. Only the Poles are inhabitable without special gear. These are lush forests and farmland, with a city at each one, surrounded by small towns.

House Info; Due to the necessity of survival, House Neverwinter has become past master of surviving in extreme conditions. They have little money or resources, but a large and loyal army (No stats, just LARGE) which is trained to survive in the harsh deserts and icecaps of Haedreline.

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Errrr take off that House Info part I guess...

This is what it's going to be like...

You have X amount of Cash and Workers

You can buy this, this and it'll take this long etc..

If you work your people to hard they will revolt etc

Until we have large Houses.

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So what do we buy? Who from? Why? How? When?

Do we all start the same? Won't that be boring? How come they revolt if they could be confined by the army?

Working things like this just gives rise to a stack of questions. Best to let us improvise a little.

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You will buy buildings and your workers will build them....Now for the workers there will be a rating scale of 1-10. 10 is the fastest they can work, but if you push 10 to much revolts can start taking place etc...

Theres open trade with the Smugglers by everyone, they side with no one.

And revolts of course can be confined by military, but remember if they have enough dedication they can over throw.

All the rules and information will be posted in the battle thread. And Dust, I don't think it will be boring because the rules will prevent god modding.

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It's not that there are rules, it's that the rules are the same for everyone. Everyone should have different military prowess, different skills, different things to trade, different numbers of workers...

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I'll sign up.

House Name: Mackay

Planet: Harst

Planet Description: A harsh rocky barren world with great deserts and lots of under ground resources.

House Info: The Mackay are a deeply religious House who fear the wrath of the gods at any failure. This makes them devoute warriors who would rather die for their gods than surrender.

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