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tale of 2 kings

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OK this is my new war/rpg fanfic, but in order to make a littel more original than my last few it's gonna be a way beteween two bunny kings and their warroirs, the tech level is medieval, and thats just the way it is.

Ok here are the rules:

1: the first 2 players who join play as the opposing kings.

2: every other player who join after that simply choses which king to serve as generals.

3: The king earn 6000 carrots pr post, and may distripute the carrots to the generals or use them to train their own armies.

4: the generals era 300 carrots pr post, they may not be sent any were, and appart form that the generals must recive extra carrots from their respective kings

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well, the idea is pretty good. The only thing that I don't realy like (I can't speak for the community, and i know more people do it) is the buying system. You have to look how much points you got, calculate how much you can build of certain soldiers and make a story around that.... i find that hard :- i'm sorry

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Oh I thought that it was the raddits, but my intentions was to make is boht a tatical thread (in tyhe battel between the generals as the kings) and as well as more stratgic part, you know with the kings and the suppliues to the generals. but if I remove the A&D values will you join then?

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all righty then, you get 6000 carrots for starters and 75 knights 400 millita, currently Carrotia has no king and as such the game cannot start, but it another player hast joined by tomorrow I'll take up my sword and play as king of carrotia

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ok, untill someone else what Carrotia I'm her king.

Current size of amry

Millita: 400

Knights: 75

Carrots: 6000

King Philip stamped in the ground, shaking his head, why couldn't king Rudolf just understand that it was in Carrotia that the Carrot was first grown, now he had to resort to politics at the point of a lance.

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