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CNN Video?


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The CNN site has a video of CoD and the description "The 'Children of Dune' series begins". Unfortuantly, I don't have a subscription so I cannot tell if that is a trailer, or the actual beggining of the mini, or what. If you do have a subscription and can view it, let us know!

Update: Acriku has transcribed the video, it is in fact new, and contains a really short interview interspressed with shots from the mini. Just a warning, he may be a litle confused as to who says what. He even mentioned Honard Matres until several of us corrected him. :) To view it, click on the comments link.

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Well I can say that it was pretty cool, here is the transcript:

(Alicia Stanford is the reporter for CNN)

Wensicia: Sorry Jessica Atreides, to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems your grandchildren have been the victims of a world planned assassination plot.

Alicia Stanford: In the miniseries, Children of Dune, blood is spilling on Arrakis. Society on the desert planet is in turmoil, and the power struggle is ongoing, all in the name of spice - a byproduct of worms.

Bene Gesserit: He who controls the spice, controls the universe. As long as Muad'Dib controls Arrakis, we are all at his mercy.

Princess Wensicia: And that's why I intend to destroy that domination.

Alicia Standford: Oscar winner Susan Sarandon, as Princess Wensicia, a woman who is not your typical "Spice girl."

Susan Sarandon: Dune, it's kind of like Godfather, it's mooring families or dynasty or something. I mean it's power struggles, around...spice. And who controls spice. Kind of like oil, and fundamentalism, and has all these elements, and everything that goes wrong when women don't behave themselves.

Princess Wensicia: Don't you find it interesting Jessica, how the sins of a mother gloom in the children they bear?

Alicia Stanford: Alec Newman reprises his role as Emperor, Paul Atreides.

Paul Atreides: The truth is in the streets still, not in this parade of sycophants, who flutter around this palace with their meaningless statistics and empty ritual.

Alec Newman: It's more kind of like epic...epic, human, political, religious - any other ones - social, tale that happens to take place thousands of years in the future.

Alicia Stanford: Children of Dune was shot on location in Prague, even the desert scenes. As sitting Sarandon recommends, even if you're not working.

Susan Sarandon: I was only there for a brief period of time. To me it was a short cake. Everybody else had months and months. But, I came in, worked with a few owls, ravens, and cockroaches and split.

Alicia Stanford: I'm Alicia Stanford.

I don't know if I am subscribed or not, but it is strange that I can see it and no one else... But it was pretty cool.

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