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Lots of CoD Updates


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Busy, busy, busy, I am....

Warning: This post will be updated over the course of this night, so if you read it today, be sure to skim through it tommorow.

First: A new video prologue written by John Harrison and narrated by Julie Cox is now online. It is very well done, but don't expect to see any CoD footage: It is basically the story of Paul Muad'dib told in a little under two mintues. Well written, well cut, and with a famous historical quote to boot, it's worth watching.

Second: An article from IGN talking about the Woman of Dune special which ahs been runnning on SCi-fi, and includes a quote from Amavia saying "It's Godfather in space." Thats the second Godfather allusion in one day. I guess there are worst things to be compared to, eh? Click here to read it.

Third: Variety has up their review of CoD, unfortunatly you need a subscription to view it, and I don't have one.

Fourth: IGN has named Jessica Brooks their Celeb of the day and also have up Q&A's with her, Alec Newman, and Greg Yaitanes. The questions are the same for each one of them, and none have to do with CoD, so you're out of luck if you head over to learn more about the mini (Personal note: Brimestone was an amazing show!).

Thanks to Andrew for numbers 2-4, and for agreeing to take over my job today while I've has so much school work, internet problems, and other stuff which needed to be done.

Don't forget: This thread will be updated with any new info which doesn't require it's own news article.

Update: USA Today has the first negative review up, focusing mostly on bad writing and poor acting (although how serious can you take a review that mistakes Edward Atterton for Alec Newman?). The only good things in the mini, according to USA Today, are the effects, Sarandon, Kirge, and McNeice. Not only is this the first negative review, it's the first review that claims the 2000 miniseries was better. Thats one bad review out of thirteen; Not a bad ratio.

Updates, part 2:

Salt Lake Tribune (negative)

Seattle PI (positive)

New York Daily News (positive)

One and two from about.com (both positive)

Freep.com (positive only because of the effects)

GJ Sentinal (positive)

AZ Reporter (positive)

Salina Journal (positive)

Interview with Alec Newman: Knox News

And an article on the Sci-fi channel and miniseries': Seattel PI

Updates, part 3:

THE TV QUEEN (positive)

Coming soon (not positive but not negative either. So-so.)

Media Life (negative, and the first review to complain about the effects.)

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another review

Dry spell

Love of sci-fi mounts for 'Dune' star Newman

Familial drama and effects power 'Children of Dune'

Miniseries have been Sci Fi Channel's booster rocket

Sci-Fi's 'Dune' avoids dry spell possibly different from the top link, just same name.

Pet Theft Awareness Day endorsers Daniela Amavia is one of them.

A preview

and then the review

Review with spoilers Talks about flaws when going from books to miniseries.

Also what is a gollum the reviewer keeps talking about? (I know it should be Tleilaxu) Fremen sieges...hahhahahhaa

Soundtrack Info Not sure if new info though, but looks interesting.

Operation Desert Sequel


Atreides Ponders White House

Humour at its best. This one was hard to find, I seached for "children of dune", which brought me to a link then to another link.

Children of Dune Gives a mention about it and MIKE DUFFY says "If you're not hooked on Frank Herbert's surreal science-fiction epic, it's easy to get lost in the byzantine web of palace intrigue and philosophical folderol."

Sci-fi family saga a treat to watch Review also says you will get lost.

Frank Herbert's CHILDREN OF DUNE Epic Miniseries

Nice long Review.

err..is this getting out of hand? ???

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