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CoD, Iraq, and IMDb


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I couldn't think of an acronym for Iraq...

Anyway, the IMDb headline article for today is, you guessed it, I know you did, just amazing, arn't you brilliant, Children of Dune. Here's what they have to say:

Based on the works of Frank Herbert, "Children of Dune" continues the epic saga of Paul "Maud'Dib" Atreides and Arakis, also known as Dune, Desert Planet. Paul finds that his rule has been corrupted by fanatics and comes to believe that the only hope for humanity lies with his twin heirs, Leto II and Ghanima. The two children quickly become the target of the many enemies facing the house of Atreides, including the evil Princess Wensicia (Susan Sarandon).

Next up is an article written by James Pinkerton of Tech Central Station which is about the similarity between Dune and the current situation with Iraq. Here's an excerpt:

Call it the Dune Scenario. It's a vision of the future that overlaps, a bit, with the sandy sci-fi saga of Frank Herbert. That is, just as Herbert's planet Arrakis was a sort of Islamicized world -- the protagonist is called Muad'Dib -- so this Earth, too, could become Islamicized. Sound ridiculous? After all, President Bush, confident in his Judeo-Christian values, is poised to "liberate" Iraq, bringing, he hopes, the blessings of liberal democracy to Baghdad -- and perhaps elsewhere in the Arab world. So isn't this earth likely to become less Dune-like, not more?

To read the full article, click here.

Thanks to Andrew for the Iraq article (I'd better stop going to class or this guy's gonna steal my job).

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Sci Fi maps out miniseries backstory

Has some info, although you need to subscribe to read it all.

Sci Fi Channel Prepares for Children of Dune

Not sure if that story(review) is new or not.(March 7)

Celeb of the Day: Jessica Brooks

Also have found ten (10) questions with different actors from the upcoming CoD miniseries:

Jessica Brooks

Alec Newman

Greg Yaitanes

The information must flow!

Don't forget Mahdi to add whatever you would call reviews or whatever fits there to CoD Review Archive

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