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Andrew has come across two new reviews of CoD, one from the New York Post, and a second from CT Now.

Like all the other reviews, they are both very positive, and praise the great special effects more than anything else. Once again, they each have there own little problems with the mini, though. The Post talks about how intricate it is, stating that if you miss 10 minutes you will never catch up with what's happening. CT Now mentions how things (especially the costumes) are a little over the top and uses that dreaded word "soap" again.

Both reviews tend to focus on the simularities between the miniseries and the current situation in Iraq more than the mini itself (CT even goes so far as to say that in certain parts, Arrakis is pronounced as Iraqis).

If you want to check out more reviews of CoD, check out our archive.

Update: Andrew has been a busy little beaver. He's found an article in the Naples Daily News listing there TV highlights of the week, and CoD gets top mention with a synopsis and history of the first mini. Nothing new in the article, but from the fact they made it the TV highlight of the week means they must have liked it.

He's also found a real short review at CNN, it basically states the same as all the others: Everything in this mini is better than in the first, from acting to effects. They also use a word which is becoming way to common in these reviews: "Soap".

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