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Q&A about Dune Generations


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As much to announce the color immediately, Dune generation is surprising... Go, do not stress, Dune is surprennant in the common sense of the term! Forget all that cryo could do in the past and forget the vexations with Mankind. You enter from now on a deep world and innovator who risks of in scotcher a package in front of a screen!  

Note about the questions/r

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4 How much do resources exist?

2 resources can be extracted from the ground of planets. They make it possible according to its type of house to transform them into " finished products " which allow the construction of various units and structures.

are the 5 How planets differentiated?

the planets have a whole geography, a relief and a vegetation which are clean for them. They are also characterized by the resources exploitable. They can either have the resources or only one of both.  

II the gameplay of Dune Generation:

Is Ca? you are hot? because it is now that start the serious things!  

1 What a house? a family?

First of all, houses and families are 2 terms which indicate the same thing. A house is an entity which represents the player. At the beginning of the play, one chooses the type of house to which one wishes to belong (commercant, combatant or mercenaries). The Houses are made up members of family (of or the appelation) and companions. Each house is also characterized by its name, its blazon and its colors.

2 What members of his family?

As considering pr

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21 it y will have evolution After the go out of the game in the commerce? Yes, there will be again unities, again technologies and it is possible that there be a true weave historic like an Anarchy-online, foreseen on several years.

22- Which will be the proposed missions to the players? They are of 4 types: - military - commercial - country, that is in reality an enchainement of missions. - Weave, this is to say missions in report with the general history of the universe. It is necessary to know that a scenariste takes care specially missions and of the weave universe.

23- How the players they will communicate? The first solution is, when one connait d

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25- Why to manage the exchange of informations in the game while I can do it in outsides without constrained? And well in reality, you cannot. For example, you to require to a friend the position of an of your common enemy. This one you will be able to give it but you will be incapable to send there unities. It will be necessary to buy information so that the place in question be able apparaitre in the list of possible destinations.

26- one can totally

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31- Which is the most powerful house militarily? This is the house of the mercenary. They can buy directly their equipment to a faction. Nevertheless, the mercenary depending totally other players. They cannot conquer no territory in their name as they cannot do to attack themselves. The fighter are intermediary between trading them and the mercenary: They can attack and s'expandre itself all while trading a little.

32- Is this that a trading can obtain a unity belonging to a fighter? No, the players cannot give themselves or to sell itself military unities, only finished goods.

33- is this that the players can take the name of originating from personages of the universe Dune? No, this will not be possible, to the even entitle that a player will not be able to use certain words "shocking" to compose his pseudo. The pseudo, and reputations will be unique on a same waiter.

34- can one to do a blockade? Militarily speaking, it has not blockade. On the other hand, trading them can convince a faction to do an embargo on a colony or a house. This house more will not be able to have no commercial exchange with this faction if she applies the embargo. Once more, it is necessary to have a level the same as his target to launch a request embargo.

35- Is ABLE-One to automate certain actions? It has not visualisation of resources in Dune Generation. This is to say that one can send a resource to a colony without to pass by a freighter. With this technique, a lot of actions be able be automated.

36- Exist it other solutions to beat someone that the military fight? Yes, a player can some to challenge another with his leader. The challenged will be able to choose any of the personage of his family and accept the challenge or to be unaware of it. This is a manner that allows to win point prestige and of reputation. The fight will have then place to the body to bodies between the two personages.

37- How unfolds itself the l'espionnage? The L'espionnage does itself exclusively by the intermediary of the companions. One can order for them to look for informations, to murder a personage, to sabotage a batiment or to do of the against espionnage.

38- In the screenshots, one can see 2 different interfaces. What in it is actually? Indeed, the gilded and round interface will not see the day with the go out of the game. Only the second will be accessible. All the interface is besides "repliable" and modulaire, and one can choose his color. One also will be able to attribute our clean short cut keyboard.

39- HAS priori Dune Generation is very near of the universe Dune. Exist it of the exceptions? Yes, it some exists a. In the universe Dune, pull on a shield with a laser provoked a nuclear explosion. It is evident that for reasons gameplay, this was not able be preserved.

III the technique in Dune Generation: A small first rate on the technique!

1- how much cycle last the b

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I think the answer they give for #33 is a good idea because you will have too many players with these Dune names from the books that could pose problems in the game. Also the embargo question #34 is a good idea as far as it ( the embargo) being the same level as the House you want to impose the embargo apon as your own and vice versa.  I wish they would explain more about protection for when a player is off-line. I understand what they are saying but they are still not saying enough about it.

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