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I once read an excerpt on dunenovels.com, but I cannot find it anymore. It was about some guy in a sort of mining space station that got attacked by something (aliens or computers). Does anyone know I am talking about?

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Read hidden text at your own risk of seeing a spoiler from The Butlerian Jihad:

[hide]That reminds me of the part in the Butlerian Jihad book where Xavier, Serena, Iblis, and Vorian were trying to get away from earth at a space docking area and fought against some robots...[/hide]

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I already read the BJ, but it is not from there. I read the aforementioned excerpt about a year ago, maybe a few months less. Maybe it was a chapter from BJ that they left out of the final book, and decided to remove it from dunenovels.com to avoid confusion?

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