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rossak women


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I'm about a 3rd the way through butlerian jihad, and the telepathic women of the jungle planet of rossak (obvious precursor to the bene gesserits) seen to have MORE abilities than the bene gesserits thousands of years later! am I the only one who noticed this? Should I just read the other 2/3 of BJ, will that clear some stuff up?

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You should read till the end (their chapter ends somewhere in the end), you get an inkling of how.

[hide]My theory is, that the Rossak women all die in the Battle of Corrin and they have to start over.[/hide]

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They are quite powerful. The introduction of the box of pain is brought into perspective with the box of wasps used. This is a center point and shows toleration of outside sources something that was neglected by the Rossak Women and thus leading to a downfall before they were brought back up and made into a great entity...The Bene Gesserits.

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