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This is the mission where you start in the top right corner on a massive rock formation right?

This is the tactic that I adapted from experience. It exploits the stupidity of the AI. ::)

Once you have a refinery, factory, and barracks up and running, build concrete towards the edges of the rock formation. Now wall off ALL the entrances to the rock formation, except for a small opening at the top of the rock formation, where you will build gun and rocket turrets in clusters. You will support your turrets with siege tanks and combat tanks. Position a sonic tank and a siege tank down at the infantry entry point at the bottom right corner of the rock formation. Tell them to continuously fire at the entrance. Ordos Saboteurs will not infiltrate your base from there, and no infantry will get in. Keep lots of infantry at the top entrance (which you have left an opening in the wall section) scattered around, in case saboteurs attempt to infiltrate through there. If you're paranoid, build walls around your construction yard so nothing can get in. If you lose your construction yard before you can get either a factory AND a repair pad, or a starport, then you are in serious danger. This must not occur!! Keep an eye on your harvesters, and scout well to get early warning of attacks. An outpost is essential for both reconnaisance and the ability to build rocket turrets (along with an upgraded construction yard). Make sure the large Ordos rushes funnel into the turrets. Literally line the walls around your base with missile tanks. Place siege tanks at the corners of wall sections. Do not expand your line of defences until you have the power and the money to move your forces into position, and pop up numerous turrets very quicky. Continue until your entire base wall is lined with defences. Once this is complete, the enemy will not be able to crack this shell, no matter what they throw at you. Repair turrets as soon as they begin to take damage. Now build up your economy, safeguard your harvesters, upgrade and repair any structure that needs it, build up your base so it has everything you can get (remember the more windtraps you have, the more turrets you can have), add some extra defences if you like, and add the finishing touches to your defences. Once your position and your economy is rock solid, begin scouting more aggresively, and determine the enemy positions. Now build up a massive assault force, and take the war to the enemy's front door. Once you begin to attack, DO NOT STOP!! Push the AI until it cracks!! Use fremen to hit their harvesters, then fade quickly into the desert. Order the airstrike to hit the tanks that arrive where the last known position of your fremen was (it is very important they are not revealed now), and damage and destroy them. This will slowly drain units from the base, aiding you in demolishing it.

Tip: Capture the Harkonnen construction yard when you find it. Now quickly build a Harkonnen Palace in your base!! ^-^ Use the Death hand AND the airstrike simultaneously!! Good luck...

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God, Ixian, that was long. Keep it shorter next time, then I'll probably read it. You also might wanna put some spaces, leave lines etc. For general assistance, check out Tactics for Dune2k at the top of the topics board.

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First, wall off your cons yard at the beginning. The Sabs are a pain.

Second, capture the Smugglers base to the NorthWest Corner.

Third, Blow up the Ord. base directly to the West of your base.

Fourth, Destroy the Harkonnen base to the SouthEast.

Leave the South Western Ordos base for the coup-de-grace.

A trick in this mission is to keep a row of sonic tanks with a row of missile tanks behind them at every narrow pass outside the AI bases. When the AI stops sending units, move them in.

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