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Omni re: Generals vs EBFD


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just got my copy today and the game is pretty addictive but only one problem can't connect to the generals server any ideas on how to get by this minor problem though the game did upgrade itself

I had the same problem. Do u have cable? then u have to add something in options next to HTTP proxy.

I had to add proxy.pandora.be:8080

I hope i could help



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it wasnt rlly meant to be negative i know we have to move on and right now im playing generals too.

So thats why i havent ben on emp the last few days.

Im starting to kick ass already hehe

got me a fine chinarush thats very hard 2 stop, my record is 49/8 at the moment, but i seen guys with like 200/0 (playing comp stomp online gets u wins 2)

thats alotta comp stomp lol

I'll b checkin up on emp too but i wont be as much on as i used 2 b.

So see ya at Generals ;)

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Hye im on genrals right now under the name xvayne. 53-3 right now with gla, and its alot of fun. Only problem with generals right now is the dcing, if some one dcs you the game just washes,a nd you both get a dc on your record, which is lame. Also, look at those 100-0 guys, go to their persona, and see how many dcs they have, each dc could be a bail on their part.

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