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Please help me!


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I can't get emperor started!!!

yesterday it worked fine, and now, when i put in the cd, i click play, i get the loading screen, i got no error message, the loading screen dissapears, and i have windows before me just as half a minut before i insteret the cd :'(

Can any one please help me?!


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What changed since the last time you played ?

When you insert the CD, does an auto menu come up (meaning if autorun is turned on) and you click "play" there?

Or do you dubble click the shortcut on your desktop ?

When you put in the cd, are you able to see it's contents in explorer ?

(enough questions for now :) )

Btw, Gob may move this topic to the "Technical Forum"..

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I figured it out :), thanks anyway, i will remember westwood has very good tech support ;)

the story:

I was installing dune for 2 first time, it asked: westwood shared internet components, should i install it? no, i aint gonna play online. later, a day further. i came 2 a internet site with very good tips about multyplayer, suddenly, i thought multyplayer might be very cool after all. but, now i had some savegames, and a map editor and a homemademap, that i dind't want to lose, so i copy them 2 an apart folder, and write down where the files where. installing again, with shared internet components, the game works fine, i think i could copy the savegames and the other sh*t back now. done that, the game dind't want to start, now i've put em back, and it starts again, and that while all files where in the good directory, and it worked before exactly the same, only now i have shared internet componets installed. now, its works again, still weird, but it works again, and that is where it's about.

another question: i had a post in a section of the forum (don't remember what section), about an problem i can't play my maps, i believe it was just general, could u please answer it, i want to play my own maps!


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