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Got a problem while playing emp.

I was suddently send to the desktop and the norton antivirus poped up a message indicating something like :

" Your Master Boot sector has been changed, it might have been because you installed a new hard drive, a new program that modifies the hard drive, if you did that, then it's ok no worries.

If u didn't do that then a virus might have infected your system......."

3 option were given

1) Keep your boot record

2) Restore your original  boot record

3) Ignore the message and run liveupdate

So i choosed 2, and my boot was repaired.

After that I did run the NAV and it found nothing.

What might have caused the trouble ?

I had no programs running while playing EBFD.

Pls let me know. thx

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Like Gob already said, I doubt that EBFD wrote something to the boot sector..

I never liked Norton btw, due to problems I encountered with it. This problem you had, did it change anything in the way you're able to play EBFD ?

The reason why Norton came up with this message is unclear to me, unless you recently changed anything. What you might want to check out is Nortons site to see if any other people have encountered what you had. I have tried a search and a lot of information came up.

Another thing, are you able to update Norton ? If so, please do update to the latest version available, due to a new virus that has come out (who knows, it might have affected you).Last question, did anything recently changed ?

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Thx. About your questions :

1) Aparently it didn't change the way I  am able to play EBFD, because after the incident I kept playing and it was fine.

2)I updated norton online and no viruses were found.

3)Recently, yes, since beggining of may at some times the while surfing on the net sometimes the systems looks for a few seconds, like i am unable to switch windows.

I can change my anti virus program, which one would you recommend (my subscription with NAV finishes in 3 weeks)


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