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lag trouble


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Today I've installed a patch of IE 5.5 and also CloneCD and CreateCD ........ result IE and EBFD freezes sometimes for about 5 to 10 seconds, then it get's back to normal.

BTW, in EBFD happens when i am playing online.

Please advice what program might be causing trouble .. thx

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Well, this is a side note and a few things.

Get a newer IE, version 6 is out now, and is already old.

Second. It may be the game and computer itself, not the net. Does it ever do this in 1 player?

Thrice. Have you closed down all of your p2p programs? like kazaa, msn, aim, icq, etc.

Forude. Post your DxDiag as an attachment.

Go to Run=> Type in dxdiag

run all the tests, save as a txt files, with a different name, then attach it here.

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I know that CloneCD has issues with EBFD, meaning EBFD would not start or lockup. I do not know about CreateCD, but my guess is it might interfear with EBFD, due to the copy protection.

CloneCD has a newr patch wich is supposingly resolving the issue.

As for lag, it depends on so many things, it's hard to just pinpoint one thing. But if everything was "okay" before you installed these programs, I would suggest to uninstall them and see if things get back to normal..

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