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well, when i start the game, the stupid Emperor screen shows up (not the main menu, though), then the screen goes black. After a few seconds, a fatal message comes up saying "unable to create 3d device". Then an error message comes right after that, and says in these words:

runtime error!

Program D:GamesEmperorGame.exe

abnormal program termination

then i end up back in desktop

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Def, read below a reply from an Microsoft engineer who's involved with programming DirectX on the question "how to deal with unable to create 3D device ?"

The only thing I can think of is uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling it, and/or reinstalling DirectX. Barring that, you may need to scratch install the system if you're sure its not a hardware fault.

Its unfortunate but there are times when a scratch install is necessary to restore proper functioning.  I feel more confident about scratch installing to repair a system than I do mucking around with individual files and registry items.  With the latter, you're never 100% certain you removed all the offending items and weirdness persists.

Let me know if you're able to do a scratch install. If not, I have to investigate further..

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If you recently did a reinstall it doesn't seem to make sence to me to do another one..

Check if the IRQ your video card is using, is only used by your video card.

Another thing, are you able to try another video card ?

Also, does your computer have any onboard video card by any chance ?

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im sure that everything that u asked about the video card is alright, and no i have no spare video card to use instead. ill check my comp again to make sure everything should be up to speed. by the way, what's that thunder symbol next to my name for anyways?

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The lightning symbol means you're online (so that other people can see you're online).

Another couple of things you might want to try, are the BIOS settings on my tech page (under the General section, point 9). Try some of them, except for any AGP setting, cause your video card will be PCI.

Make sure you check if you have any onboard video card. If so, use -altvid behind the games shortcut.

Make sure you close all background programs. Press [ctrl] - [alt] - [delete] just once an close all programs,

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Def, although I have a strong feeling that the video card is the culprint of your problem, take note of the following:

A) When you try to start EBFD, how much system resources do you have left ? Try the following: press [ctrl]-[alt]-[delete] once. Close all applications that you see there, except for "Systray" & "Explorer".

B) Try below when re-installing directx:

1) Download the current version of DirectX (8.1).

2) Right-click the desktop, and then click Properties .

3) Click the Settings tab, and then click Change Display Type or Advanced Properties . Note the name of your display driver.

4) Click Change in the Adapter Type section, and then click Show All Devices .

5) In the Manufacturers box, click Standard Display Types .

6) In the Models box, click Standard Display Adapter (VGA) , click OK , and then click Close .

7) Click OK twice.

8) Click Yes if you are prompted to restart your computer.

9) Reinstall DirectX.

C) Open your win.ini file and see if this line exists: "Run=Msrexe.exe".

D) Concerning the error message: "runtime error!

Program D:GamesEmperorGame.exe

abnormal program termination", Microsft says the following:

This behavior can occur if your computer automatically starts the third- party Desktop Management Interface (DMI) Start utility.

To work around this issue, disable the DMIStart utility:

1) Restart the computer. Press and hold down the CTRL key until the Windows 98 Startup menu appears, and then choose Safe Mode.

2) Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click System Information.

3) On the Tools menu, click System Configuration Utility.

4) On the Startup tab, click to clear the check box next to DMIStart.

5) Click OK. When you are prompted to restart the computer, click Yes."

I do not know if the above applies to you, but it's worth to check out.

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:D Hey!!!...i dunno whether this works..but no harm trying..iiit work for another game that had the same problem with the card..!

Download the wickedGL drivers http://www.wicked3d.com/technology/wickedgl.htm

Then go to your GameData folder and rename GAME.exe to Quake3.exe . Now install the wickedgl drivers. You won't find Jedi Outcast in the list so you select Quake3 instead . Point the installer to the GameData directory and select "Install wickedGL regular version" . When the installation is complete change quake3.exe back to GAME.exe .

Hope it does work..if not..just blame on the ill fortunes of 3dfx  >:(

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If you recently did a reinstall it doesn't seem to make sence to me to do another one..

Often, very often, reinstalling fixes a lot of problems, its worth a try. When I first got the game, I reinstalled it 5 times. I just reinstalled it recently.

Try it anyway. Often fixes things.

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