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Dune's CHUM


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CHUM Broadcasting, the Canadian company which owns CityTV, Space, all the New ___ stations, all the Music stations, and many other specialty stations has now confirmed that they are in negotiations for Children of Dune. Here is a post from Mark Askwith (a producer with Space) concerning it:

There have been a number of questions about whether or not SPACE will get Children of Dune.

Those have you who watch the business of television know that there was a big convention of TV types (NATPE) last week.

We are negotiating for a number of shows, CoD among them, and as soon as we have any information Deep Throat or I will let you know.

CHUM currently owns the rights to the first Dune miniseries, which debuted on CityTV a week or so after it's American debut.

Also implied in this is that CoD has finished post-production, as Mark had stated earlier that they were waiting for the miniseries to be finished before starting negotations for it. There is no confirmation of this yet.

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Heh, you should start a little internet group there Andrew. Get a website,s tart a little petition:)

Won't do no good, but still:)

"Canadians for watching Children of Dune".

What, no comments on the brilliant title? I mean, come on, that was an amazing article title! It jsut came to me when I clicked "Post new topic

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