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Dunesday Fanfics?


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the armerd men easily killed the charging sg-6 members. one of the sg-6  memebers tried a slah at the one of the armered mans heart. the armerd man grabed is hand stabed him in the chest and shoved him away. the sg-6 man fell down dead. A another armerd man charged out at one of the sg-team members with knife in air. the man tried to copy what the other  armerd man did to is friend and tired to grab the mans arm. But  the man  simply tosed the knive to his other hand and stabed the man in the neck. The third man stoped half way to the third armerd man  and started walking back towerds sg-1 the armed man started walking towerds him. the armerd man pulled out a knive and fell down dead. there apeared to be some kind of dart in his neck.  The freman who fired it fell down dead with a knife coming out of his stomic. The sg teams fired  at the armored man , he fell dead under the hail of gun fire. The freman were pushing the the armored men back in the hall. Engaging in visous knife battle on the way.

    The Sg teams also pushed them back killing many of the retreating armored men.  The freman had pushed the armored men to the main chamber they were hit with large streaks of yellow light and fell dead. The fremen fired back at them with there weapons. The Sg team hadent made it all the way down the halway when a large wite flash and a deafining roar . The team estictivly dropped down. When the flash vanished the teams looked up to see that the. The amored men were all dead or retreated.

The team got up of there knees and raced towards Mau'Dib in the gate room.

"Who the hell was that." Jack asked him.

" The saudukar the most elite warriors in the universe. That is of course till we came along."

All around him Freman were taking the  bodies and soaking there blood stains with some kind of dish rag.

"Just a sec." Jack told Maudib. Jack turned and looked his men" Go secure the perimiture."

"Yes sir." The men turned and ran off towards the main chamber.

"Um daniel i think this is your feild". Me Carter and Teal'c will go take a look around.

Daniel dident even respond he was already in deep talking with Mau'dib.

Jack turned and walked towards the main chamber.

 Daniel and Mau'dib sat in the gate room alone except for the guards standing by the door way.  Him and Mau'dib had been talking for about 20 minutes. From what Daniel had gatherd the galexy was settled by humans. No trace of the Goul'd or any other race has been found. Human socity was bassed in a delicate tripod of the Emperor the guild and the lanserad.

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