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1st Full Children of Dune Trailer Up!


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The first full trailer for Children of Dune is now up! It is approximately 1 minute 50 seconds in length, and is titled "TCA". Also up is the new teaser trailer "Whirlwind".

The TCA trailer is called such as it was screened to the Television Critics Association first. Reading the short blurb about it on the miniseries site, it also seems that the TCA got to screen the entire miniseries, which means that some previews of it may become public fairly soon. I will be e-mailing the TCA shortly to see if they can provide me with any info on the miniseries or links to previews.

Edit: Because of the length of the TCA trailer, I will only be posting my general impressions of it instead of a full synopsis. However, I will post a full synopsis of "Whirlwind".

Whirlwind was a decent teaser, still not as good as "Alia" in my opinion, but I'd say the second best they've released. It begins with the same background music as the other trailers, and the same opening as "Boy to man", with Leto (or Paul, but probably Leto) walking into the desert with the voice-over "They say he has gone on a journey". We then see someone leaving a cave, the sand being blown up like someone running (that's in all the trailers), Leto standing shirtless in a cave, and Chani sitting on a cliff's edge looking like she is praying (possibly for children?).

All this is seen while Paul says "The Golden Path is Dangerous. A desert storm that cannot be stopped. You will become that storm, the whirlwind." His is obviously to Leto, and it has an interesting connection to the first miniseries. Remember Rommallo's speech? "When religion and politics ride in the same cart, the whirlwind follows!" The difference being that she called Paul the whirlwind, not Leto.

After this we see the shockwave of the stone-burner explosion, Paul using the weirding way to put a knife to Scytale's throat, a spacecraft flying to what must be either Wallach IX or Kaitan, as it is a water world, and Wenscia looking mean.

At this point Paul continues his voice-over with the words "And nothing will be able to stop you, not even yourself." During this section of the trailer we are treated to the image of Ghanima (I believe) in her wedding dress that was in a previous trailer, Leto standing in the great hall with his Sandtrout stillsuit (also in the other trailers), an airborne vessel which we know is trying to capture a worm from the TCA trailer (which has also been in previous trailers), a group of Fremen with their backs to an explosion, Alia doing her stretching (again, old footage), and Leto walking shirtless in the desert. They really are going to great lengths to rope in the female crowd.

We then see a worm, followed by the traditional "Children of Dune" ending with Paul saying "It's in your hands now".

The TCA trailer, which is a full length trailer and so won't be receving a synopsis, was fairly impressive and focuses a lot on Paul (which is a plus to me, he has always been my favourite character). The biggest problem with this trailer is that it seems the first 30 seconds were meant to be an independant teaser, and then the marketing people decided to make a full length trailer and tacked it on to the start.

This trailer shows much more new footage (including the stone-burner attack) and has some new dialogue. If you do not know the plot to Messiah or Children of Dune and don't want to, don't watch this trailer. It gives almost everything away.

Watching this trailer and the teasers, it seems like they got a lot more bang for their buck on this production than they did on the original. The special effects look amazing, and the fight scenes seem much better choreographed. Speaking of fight scenes, Alia's famous training scene from Dune Messiah is not seen here, despite rumours to the contrary. That is, unless she has a sex change every time she wants to exercise (59th second, 91st second).

Special thanks to Alteo'Deo and Acriku.

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It is the andtrout skin. It probably would have been expensive to make a hundred or so costumes shwoing the developement of the suit over his body, and then they couldn't have him walk around without his shirt for half the picture to suck in the ladies.

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speaking of flaws(or differences from books)

spoilers if didnt read book.


it showed Duncan through a knife at bijaz, i always thought that duncan went up to him and killed him badly, and that paul threw knife into scytale, not come up from behind.[/hide]

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