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Steel and Flesh


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Well I want to start my own Butlerian Jihad thread. Sorry ex for makin a new one.lol just want to get it going.

humankind has lost much to the evermind. Omnius has taken one planet after another. Surprisingly it has stopped. What the resistance does not know though is that omnius is building for a full assult on the major planets of the human alliance.

You can be humans for the alliance or working for yourself. you may also be a cymek if you can handle being a mature player. Nobody can be omnius or any other machine player, (i.e. Robots or machines.) It is too complicated.

You may not be affiliated with any of the houses that are in the later Dune books.

Any weapons of mass destruction have to be agreed upon by all players or at least important players of this game.

On a personal note, I hope some of you who are seasoned players on fanfic will join. I need some good writing in here. :)

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Saveen gazed at the blue marble that was Salusa. Holtzmen scrambler shields were the best form of protection for the human resistance. Xavier and his men kept good patrols around the planet, but saveen would have to leave soon. Deep reconesance was his mission.

With a flash, his ship entered null-space. Many days would be taken in order to reach his destination. Earth was key in these times. What kind of build up was there? How strong was the defense and what was omnius trying to plan? Things seemed uneasy after his constant wave of conquering stopped. Soon though he would be far behind enemy lines and it would be face to face with the giants.

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I'd join, but I haven't read BJ yet :(

I'll give you a layout:Omnius(a cymek,which is a thinking android) controls pretty much the whole universe.Only a few groups of free humans are left.Salusa Secondus is green and lush,and the sparsley populated human planets are:Tleilax,and Caladan(sorry,can't remember any more)Dune has been found out and spice is now starting to get popular.Earth is also free.

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