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3rd Trailer Up and Running


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Children of Dune's third trailer, "Boy to man", is now up. If you are having problems using the quicktime version, click here instead of the link at the official site. Gob has discovered that while the quicktime trailer is up at sci-fi.com, the HTML page for it is not.

Now for the synopsis (better late than never):

As the name suggests, this trailer focuses on Leto and his transformation into the God-Emperor. The music is the same as in the previous too movies, but, to me at least, it wasn't as effective as it was in them. The trailer begins with the image of a man in a stilsuit covered in a robe and carrying a walking stick travelling through the desert while an unidentified character says "They say he has gone on a journey", meaning the man is probably Leto escaping into the desert. That image quickly fades to black with the words "Where once stood a boy". This fades into a cut of a young boy (Leto) watching a butterly, which fades into black with the words "Now stands a man". This in turn fades into an cut of teenage Leto sitting down, watching another butterfly. Again, the screen fades to black with the words "Where once stood an emperor" appearing. This fades into the scene seen in both of the previous trailers of Leto standing in front of Alia in the throne room. This fades to the words "Now stands a god" (perhaps forshadowing the end of the miniseries and God-Emperor of Dune? Or it could just be referring to Paul). The next thing we see is that image of sand blowing that was in the first trailer, which looks like it could be from someone running incredibly fast accross the desert. This fades to two people standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the desert (which was in the trailer "Alia") with The Preacher saying (probably to Leto) "It's in your hands now". Finally, it cuts to the regular sand covering the screen, "Frank Herberts Children of Dune" ending each of the previous trailers had.

I found this trailer extremly underwhelming. It didn't seem to say anything about the film, had very little new content, and just didn't connect with me. However, a couple other people that I've discussed it with have said that it was there favourite of the bunch. On a side note, the eyes in this trailer still arn't blue, which means that post-production must still be in full swing. Feel free to post your opinions of it in the comments section.

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