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The Minor Powers


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Ok Minor Powers Deux is coming out soon


The Three Great Houses (Ordos, Harkonnen and Atreides) destroyed themselves in a desparate attempt to control Arrakis and have now all retreated back to their homeplanets. This allowed a new Corrino Emperor to take the Golden Lion Throne. He took advatage of the continuing fight between Hagal, Ecaz and Moritani and offered them the chance to fight for the Fiefdom of Arrakis. With this his Sardaukar once again became neutral but the Technological House of Richese came to take their place offering their services.


Three New Sides




Subhouse Change

House Richese replaces the Imperial Sardaukar.


Brand new models and textures

Themed maps

Tech Buildings

The subhouse units are:


Fremen Warrior

Fremen Fedyakin

Thopter - Armed with Aniti Air/Infantry Machine Gun. Doesn't need to return to the Landing Pad to reload

Biker - Stealth when still ultra fast scout which also calls worms with out getting eaten

Niab - Armed with powerful anti-tank rifle


Maker - Cheaper


Mega Cannon - Delivers vast damage to anywhere on the map but takes ages to reload

Flyer - Fires a plasma cannon at ground targets

Sand Swimmer - 'Swims' through sand and carries 5 troops. Unarmed (unless i can create a new XBF


No-Quad - Stealthed Quad armed with dual rocket launchers

No-Cannon - Stealthed Artillery unit

No-Plane - Stealthed plane. Weapon undecided.

Portable No-Chamber - A No-Chamber capable of holding 5 people and is very heavily armoured but cannot move so must use Advanced Carryall.

No-Trooper - A Stealthed Trooper in a battle suit. Armed with a plamsa rifle.


Infiltrator - No only stealth when still due to active camouflage but a lot quicker and more armour


Suboid - Armed only with their bare hands but do a lot more damage when promoted.

Ixian AA Mine - Same as Ordos one.

Ixian Mega Cannon - Another big cannon with the range of the map but this is rapid firing but does minimal damage in one hit.




Living Cannon - This turret requires no power and is effective against almost everything.

Tleilaxu Flyer - Weapon undecided

Ghola - This is a cheaper version of the light infantry with one difference - it slowly loses health unless it gets one stripe.

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Woops, I meant Adrian!

He used the GUNIAP weapon to add to the TL_IN_Flyer using the XBF editor.

You could try the reverse to get a GUNIAP that fires, 1) save the GUNIAP as text using the XBF editor, 2) load the TL_IN_Flyer into the XBF editor and then 3)convert text to xbf.

I have done this using the ATADP, but though the resulting GUNIAP fires it crashes the game when it explodes.

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The way Adrian's XBF editor works is that you copy Gun meshes from one model and paste them into your desired model. You then use the FXheader from a model with a gun to recreate your desired model (look) but gun and animation of the other models.

What do I mean? An example:

I wanted to use the Deviator model as a Dual-Laser tank but though I re-textured the tank, it has the animation of Green Gas coming out of the turret barrels.

I used the XBF editor to save the Deviator tank as a text file. I then read in the Quad tank, merged it with the Deviator text file and saved the combined tank as a new xbf. The result is no green gas, a tank that hovers but still has a rotating dual-barrelled weapon. (If you use the ORLaserTank, you get a single barrelled weapon, and the new animation includes the tank flying apart and then re-combining).

This is why when it comes to making new units Adrian suggests you use simple models with simple animation, such as the ATADP, TL_Flyer and GUNIAP.

The TL_IN_Flyer looks like the old flyer, but it moves around and fires(animation) like an AT-Drone (simple hover and shoot), but uses the GUNIAP gun graphics (which are hidden inside the body of the TL_flyer).

If you were now to save the GUNIAP (look and gun graphics) as a text file, and then use the TL_Flyer to supply the animation/firing you would get a GUNIAP that flys like an AT-Drone, fires like the TL_IN_Flyer but looks like the GUNIAP.

You could use the AT_drone with the GUNIAP text file, but when I tried this it seemed to be unstable (game crashes), but it could have been a number of other mod units I was testing at the same time.

Hope this helps

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