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The story of a traveller in Arrakis


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Rews is a man who came from Earth to explore Arrakis. The trial story of a man who turned dreams into reality, hell into heaven. During certain parts you might be required to play MP3 files. These files can be gotten from DuneEx mod (Fed2K, duh) or the the Dune2000 MP3 (Fed2K). If anyone doesn't like this idea of a story please state so before I begin.

Note: All songs must be set to repeat until End MP3 is stated or song is changed.

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Anyone may add on to the story if you like. Now it begins. (My writing skills aren't good) The time after the Lisan al-Gaib was born, Paul Muad'Dib.

Rews looked out to the open sand. The Boeing had landed on the dry sand. Grabbing his luggage and waiting for the 'A Traits' to claim them and take him to the Star Port.

"You know, this place reminds me of, Africa." Rews winked at the pilot, then got off the plane.

Rews had heard of the native Free Men. He had read the brochure (Spelling, pls correct me).

{Play Dune2000 - The Fremen}

"Khala, who are these people? Atreides?" Stilgar wondered. He looked at his Stillsuit, and thanked its inventor.

"Whoever steps on Arrakis must know us, the Fremen." he announced to the Earthlings.

"The Free Men! I've wanted to meet you guys! What happened to the radio set which you guys sent to Earth eh? Heh heh, I've got some popcorn, you want one dude?" Rews giggled.

"Fremen! We have no time for popcorn, take him to the quarters. He could be a Harkonnen spy."

The passengers were taken as hostages and sent to Sietch Tabr. Rews looked in amazement at the murals on the cave walls. "This is a siege?" he wondered.

When the time was right Stilgar came and started the interrogation.

{End MP3}

"Are you Harkonnen?" Stilgar asked the group.

"I'm Rews." Rews boldly answered.

"Rews, are you Harkonnen?" Stilgar asked.

"You guys have the internet? I'm a multibillionaire! You have not heard of me? I'm no Har Conan Barbarian, you guys are fond of watching the series eh?" Rews asked.

This had angered the Fremen.

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"Well, actually, I'm no big billionaire, just have a few dollars in each pocket, my monthly income is $5000 a month, and I currently lost all my money...except for $6. I work as a Weapons Scientist. That strange gun you have there, mind if you give it a shot?" Rews pointed at a Fedaykin's Barrel Shotgun.

The Fedaykin looks at Stilgar, who nods, and then fires his gun.

The shell split into lots of bullets and fired into a mural showing a Fremen being burned by a Harkonnen Flamethrower.

"Nice. It looks like a 13mm barrelled pump action shotgun. See the recoil?" Rews explained.

"Stil, this man would be of great use to us." The Fedaykin whispered to Stilgar. "Hmmmm...." Stilgar replied.

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"You must be a spy! Harkonnen Devil, Mudir Nahya must have sent you!" Stilgar glanced at the cave walls.

"Mu-Dire Nar-what?"

"Beast Rabban. You must be sent by the Harkonnen devils." the Fedaykin replied.

"The Lisan al-Gaib has yet to arrive. The Atreides are going to help us. Who are you to step on our land with strange technology? Are you the Ordos?"

"Who are the orders?"

"Ordos! Never mind, take him to the windtrap." Stilgar signalled the Fedaykin, who nodded.

"Don't move, Harkonnen devil. Go to the windtrap." the Fedaykin sternly dragged Rews and another suspect into a large room. It felt warm and humid, and Rews took of his jacket.

"Windtrap, the one that collects water? I never thought it would be concealed here." the other man said.

"The Free Men have their secrets." Rews replied. "This place looks like a sauna! Is there any thermometer?"

"What thermometer? Shuddap and sit down. Now look here, we are the Fremen, so better-"

"Are you guys really that free? 'Coz the book said you were Free Men." Rews queried. "Fremen!" The other suspect signalled him. "Free Men, whatever. I am not a Conan, I'm not that strong. I can help ya lil' hooded dudes out there fight a war, and win it."

"With our men eh? We Fremen don't simply trust anyone."

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The Fedaykin signalled for 3 other hooded men to enter, and left the large room. Rews and the suspect were locked in the room with the 3 hooded men.

"Hey, who are you? You dress like those Free Men." he asked them. "We are Fremen, and don't call us Free Men, it's not the way we're called, Harkonnen Spy."

"How many times must I tell you pathetic Free Men, I'm no Har-Conan. The brochure said you guys were good people, and you hated these guys called Har-Conans...well let me say one thing, I'm not a Har-Conan, so-"

"Shhhh....these Fremen are going to kill you if you talk too much." the other suspect whispered." If you want to leave shut up and think of a plot."

{Play Dune2000-Plotting.MP3}

"Now look, these Fremen are hiding something in their sleeves. If we grab their cloak and their gun and that thing in the sleeve we might get out of here." he continued. Rews nodded. "I like that. But these Free guys have blue eyes. You gonna disguise and flee? You're asking for trouble" Rews warned.

"Heh heh, since when did you get so serious Rews? If you brought the AK-74 I told you to bring we could get da hell outta here. We'll hide inside the cloaks, so the Fremen won't suspect us. They can't see our faces, let alone our eyes!" the suspect continued.

{Play  EMBD-Fight in the Dunes}

"Heya, Free Men! I heard that this hood was a Stillshirt. Can I try it?" Rews taunted the Fremen who stooded guarding the door.

"We won't believe your lies, Harkonnen, and won't listen to you." one of the Fremen answered.

"You love chocolates do ya? You know, spice comes from chocolate, and its bitter. Right?" Rews asked.

"It's salty." the other Fremen answered.

"Ohhh......well then why do you guys like it so much?" Rews asked. "Addiction?"

"Don't ask us such silly questions Harkonnen, you know about spice as much as we do. Shut up, Liet will be here soon."

{End MP3}

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{Play EBFD-Infiltrators)

"Bi Lal Kaifa." chanted the Fremen. Their voices were so loud that Rews and his 'friend' could hear them.

"What does that mean? 'Hello'?" Rews asked the Fremen.

"It means nothing furthur needs to be explained." the third Fremen answered.

"Such a long meaning, you guys like using other languages as a shortcut is it?" Rews continued taunting. "I heard that the Fremen are covered in their own sweat and stink."

While Rews were taunting the Fremen, the Fremen had put all their attention to chatting with Rews, and the suspect took this opportunity and rammed towards the first Fremen.


"You guys have a thing about fighting. Allow me to join in this amazing battle dudes." Rews charged forward towards the Fremen, who drew a knife. It was milky white, and shined a great flash onto the murals.

"Your name?" Rews asked.

"Rain." answered the suspect. "Rain, that's a girl's name!" Rews started taunting Rain.

{Play Dune2000-Fight for Power}

"Forget about that, we have more important things to think about."

Rain grabbed the first Fremen's shotgun, aimed it at the Fremen's chest, and then kicked him away. He fired the gun at the second Fremen, who was about to flee.

Rews didn't know how to fight, well in a proper manner. He punched the third Fremen wildly, and the latter did not have time to strike with the knife.

"Khala!" shouted a woman Fremen, and fled.

"Quick, these Fremen are unconscious. Take their robes and knives, we gotta get the s*** outta here!" Rain ordered. "Oh Lord, would I make through this hell alive?" Rews thought. The two of them fled, encountering several Fremen who asked them "Subakh Ul Kuhar?" but the two ignored them and fled.

"Fire in the hole!" shouted Rain as he tossed a smoke grenade into the windtrap. "They'll think that the windtrap was on fire."

The dual made their escape out of Sietch Tabr. The Fremen were totally unaware of the incident.

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{Play Dune2000-Harkonnen Battle}

"We made a clean-getaway. Now what?" Rews asked Rain. "You feel something?" Rain asked him.

"Just something familiar, like a sound amplifier I used to have at home to play Sum 41's music." Rews answered.

"Take out your brochure." Rain ordered. Rews obeyed, but could not find anything. "The Free Men took it away. Wanna get it back?"

"No! You just got away and you want to go back inside?"

"Duh, no." Rews answered.

"We need to find cover. Where are the other passengers?"

"They seemed to have been captured by the Free guys."

"Oh s***, oh s***, we don't have anyone else to help us. Wasn't there a warning on the brochure? About the sand of something? They mentioned a maker I read."

"Worm?" Rews queried.

"D***, gotta run! It's coming!"

The two were running frantically towards nowhere. Behind them was a sandworm, lumbering towards them, gliding in the sand, making loud noises. This sounds attracted the Fremen.

"Ho! The lil' Maker arrives! Old grandfather has come! He shall get the spies." an old man called. The rest of the Fremen arose from the cave, and looked out and saw two hooded men running, behind them was a worm.

"Shai-Hulud! Get the hooks!" Stilgar ordered a young Fremen. The latter went into the sietch, and Stilgar walked out to the sand. The worm turned, and faced Stilgar.

"Eh? You see some guys there? Lots of robots coming towards us." Rews told Rain, who was focusing on the maker. Rain turned to where Rews pointed. "Looks like Saw-Door-kers."

"Sardaukar. They're here." said Rain.

"Imperial Troops? We better hide." advised Rews.

"Haiiiii-Yoh!" shouted Stilgar. "The Sardaukar are back again to make trouble! Let us claim their water!"

"Ya Hya Chouhada!" the Fremen chanted. The women and children backed into the sietch, and dozens of Fremen charged towards the Sardaukar. Rews and Rain were in the middle of the 2, wondering who to help, or should they run?

"Stilgar has the Shai-Hulud, the Sardaukar have tanks. D***, let's run from the two."

"Good idea." answered Rain.

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As the two great armies charge at each other, the guildsmen landed in the middle of the battlefield, forming a statecraft. Using this opportunity, Rain and Rews fled the place.

{Play Dune2000-Fight for Power}

The two mighty armies stopped, with the Guild waiting by. "This battle was to be expected. This Padishah Emperor IV has a sense of humour. Sietch Tabr, yes but a humble sietch." they proclaimed.

Mumbling was heard among the Fremen, and discussions among the Sardaukar. "May the best man win." the Guild ended off.

They disappeared, and allowed the two to clash an enormous battle.

Meanwhile, Rews and Rain were running round the Sardaukar, to the back of their armies, and then squeezing through the crowd, trying to imitate the Sardaukar, they climbed on top of Sietch Tabr.

"Hell, we gotta get those guys in there out Rain. These pitiful fellas need some rest, and we need some guys in there to help." said Rews.

"We can't.....I can't..we just made it....out here..."

"Don't give up you lil' freak! D***, dude, mind if you give me a hand? I can't simply do it by myself! Those guys in there are going die amongst the Free Men!" shouted Rews. "We can't simply leave them to die! Are you?"

Rain looked up at Rews, eyes swelled up with tears.

"We've just escaped death Rews, I don't wanna die again."

"You abonimation! If you won'y save them....." Rews was lost for words, until he managed to grab the right word. "I will!"

"Rews...tell me you aren't serious..." Rain pleaded.

"I am."


"Because those Free Men are gonna hold some strange death ceremony of their own. Didn't you hear their By La Ka-eeee Far? It sounds like some war chant. They're gonna kill the hostages! The Free Men also have some stored water. I noticed it in the huge dark room." Rews explained. "Windtrap?" Rain asked. "Ah, yes, the Wind Trap. We are thirsty, aren't we? We don't have stillsuits...maybe we did earlier. But the Free Men had already disposed of them. Getting a new stillsuit won't be easy Rain...come to your senses!."


"You gonna give it a shot?" Rews asked.

"I...I...I'll try!"

"Good man! Now have a bit of stretching. I wonder when this death ceremony is gonna start. We got to get equipment. There should be an armoury."

The dual jumped off the sietch top, and went via back entrance. They entered a small room. It was dark, and there were no glowglobes in it. The place had a rusty smell, and there was a loud sound to be heard near the walls.

"Must be the armoury. Near the Wind Trap." Rews said.

"Got 'cha. I'll  ram the door, you rush in and get those sleeping Fremen at the door. Slackers."

"Okay dude, I'm ready for a thrashing."

{Play Dune2000-Harkonnen Battle}

"Ready, one, two three!"

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The two battles had fought a bloody battle. The Fremen were winning. The Sardaukar had to, surprisingly, retreat. Both sides suffered heavy casualties.

Rews charged towards the opening. The door was broken, made of light wood. The Fremen guards woke up, but were hacked in the neck by Rews.

"Easy." he mumbled.

He took their shotguns, gave one to Rain.

"The hostages are in the prisoner's hold. There are death guys there." Rews warned.

They approached what looked like a prison, staring at a strange sign in chakobsa. "Doesn't look English to me." said Rews. He looked for a death commando, but there was none. Eagerly, he charged forward and was caught by surprise by Fedaykins, 6 of them. These were the Fremen Death Commandos, and were armed with double-barrelled shotgun.

"Where on Dune did they get these things from!?" Rain shouted. "God knows!" Rews rammed towards the Fedaykin. Several rounds were fired into Rews, but he was unharmed.

"Ya Hya Chouhada!" the Fedaykins screamed.

Rain looked at the gate, the air stewardess was inside. She was skinny, and pale. The other passengers were inside, but the pilot was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, 3 armed Fremen entered the scene, with the pilot in their arms.

"He's dead." murmured Rain.

"By George! Who did this to you?" asked Rews.

"He was attacked by the Harkonnens when we were taking out to the sands. You'll join him for wreaking havoc, Harkonnen Spy!" one of the Fremen shouted.

{Play Dune2000-Fight for Power}

"Let's rock."

Rews was guarded by a bullet-proof vest, which reduced the impact of shells pumped into his body. "Who the hell did this to ME! He shall suffer the fate of Rews!" exclaimed Rews. "Look at me! The death stare is looking at you. Your Free Men mates, shall join you in the netherworld!"

The Fremen took notice of the madman, and started attacking Rain. "Dare not fight me? Low-down Free cowards!" shouted Rews, who quickly fired several rounds into the Fremen. "We came to Arrakis as tourists, not murderers! You forced me to! Arrggghhhhhh!"

"He's a monster! Stop him! Stop him!" shouted one of the Fremen.

Rews fired many shots into the Fremen, all 3 were dead.

Rain laid on the ground. He was motionless. Blood stains were all over the place, and on his body.

Rews placed his hand under Rain's nose.


Rews placed his hand nearer to Rain's nose.

Still nothing.

"He's dead."

Rews was motionless. "Such a good buddy must be killed by the Free Men..."

He quickly rose, then grabbed the key hanging on the wall. Rews opened the door, where there were prisoners, and the pilot quickly warned him.

"Don't.....the Fremen....they...ahhhh....I was trying to take you to the Fremen.....I was threatened...to take them here...the passengers....all but 7 are dead. No, 6. Rescue them...they are captured by the Harkonnens and are.....ouuahhhh......"

"He's dead." said Rews in a low voice.

Undaunted, Rews opened the gate, and entered the prison.

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As Rews opened the door, some knives stuck out to attack him.

Rews dodged the knives, but saw some people in the cell.

"Help...us..." he heard.

{End MP3}

Rews looked around. He saw a drip of water falling from the seeing, and stretched out a dry hand to retrieve it, but failed.

"Don't...don't drink that water! It's poisoned. Lots o' sand in there...hehe..." Rews heard someone calling.

Rews found the six people who were captured. 2 of them bit their tongue and died.

"Gory," murmured Rews. "Come, let's get outta here. The Frees are coming."

"Fremen? Why do they want our lives?" asked the man with a tiger striped cap.

"Free Men? Stupid people. They want to kill us for landing on Earth. Then why didn't they rebel against the accursed Guide?" asked Rews.


"Yeah, Guild," answered Rews. "But doesn't really matter. Our lives are more important than everybody elses'."

The man shook his head.

"We have to find the Atreides, they can help us."

"A Traits."

"But we have another alternative. Get the Corrinos to help." the man answered.

"Corrino. The Emperor?" this was the first name of a house that Rews was able to pronounce properly. "Wasn't he that strange looking durian-headed flat eyed man with no hair? The one who gave us the advertisement while we were watching Days of our Lives?" Rews queried, uncertain of what he heard.

"The Emperor," answered the man. "Yes. It's him. But Shaddam has an army of Sardaukar under his command. His help may turn into bad things."

Bad. This word echoed in Rews mind like screaming in an empty house. "Are the Saw-door-kers really so powerful?" he thought.

"They are that powerful. We have to make our escape. We'll think of a way to outwit the Fremen." said the man.

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"We should rescue the rest first." said the man.

"Your name?" Rews asked.

"Edric. I've brought some shotguns, smuggled them through the customs. The police never knew." then Edric grinned.

The other three people woke up. "Where are we? I do remember being knocked out by some people, some hooded men knocked us out."

"You're awake. We're thinking of a way to get outta here alive." said Rews.

"Oh, so you're here to save us. Maybe we're already saved." said one of them.

"Name, all." asked Rews.

"Robert Gane." said the stout man.

"Garna Kas." said a tall one.

"James Grain." said another man.

"Okay, let's get twisted." said Edric, scratching his nose.

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"We need to get pass the Fremen." said Robert.

"The Free Men are waiting for us in ambush." said Rews.

"We have to move around them, and silence them." added Edric.

"Who will do it?" asked James.

"You." added Garna.

"I will," said Rews. "The Free guys got me, I'll pay them back the way they wanted it. I'll move across the other part of the sietch, and pounce onto them. These Free Men can't react so quickly. When I stunned them, James and Robert attack them. Watched wrestling?"

"Yeah, I know what to do." said Robert.

James nodded.

"Ok, I'll make a move. But first, I will put everything here." Rews took a pocket knife, and placed it on the ground. "This is Free one." Then he took a pistol magazine and placed it next to the knife. "This is Free two. Understand?"

Everyone except Garna nodded, who was staring at the murals on the wall.

Rews took out a small piece of a rag and put it behind the two other objects. "This is me."

Rews then took out two toffees and placed them in front of the knife and magazine.

"Robert and James," Rews looked up. "Understand the formation?"

Garna turned back, looked at the food, and equipment, and said, "Looks more like two chocolate toffees, a multi-purpose knife and a cartri-"

"Shut up." said Rews, and grabbed a metal bar and hit Garna lightly on the head.

"Let's move!"

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As Rews walked up to the Fremen he quickly jumped and grabbed the Fremen.

"Aww, what happened? Aww...." he groaned.

The two other guys started attacking the Fremen.

"Take this!" Robert shouted, hitting the Fremen with a metal pole. The Fremen lay on the ground, bleeding in the head.

"Ha ha!" he shouted.

The Fremen rose, trying to grab his shotgun. Rews quickly stepped on the gun, and onto the Fremen's hand.

"No you don't..." he whispered.

"No! Please! Don't! Arrrghhhhh!" the pitiful Fremen moaned.

Rews kicked the Fremen away, took his shotgun, and returned to the cell with James and Robert.

"Wasn't that easy Edric?" Rews asked.

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Edric laughed, said something that would have made Garna vomit blood, and said:

"Good, now we have to get out of here. While you were figuring your 'plan' out, Garna and I have made a crevice in the ceiling."

(Play EBFD-Unstoppable}

"This hole...we need a rope to get out. Garna has one, so we can get the hell out of here." explained Edric.

"Simple plan you got there Edric," Robert commented. "But time is precious. Can all of us get out of here quickly, now?"

"Yes, Now!"

The group of 5 climbed up the rope, starting with Edric, then Garna, then Robert, Rews and James.

"We've reached the top of this cave." said Edric.

"Yeah, it's broad daylight, d*** hot. Now..." James went on.

"We have a weapon. Shotgun." then Rews spotted something.

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"Look! It's a Boeing! It's here to rescue us!" Rews shouted.

"No! It's a carryall!" Edric reminded.

"Anyway it can fly! Good enough!" Rews said.

The huge carryall with the Hawk insignia landed, and tons of infantry popped out of it.

"Eh?" Garna wondered.

"By George, it's the Atreides!" Robert shouted.

"A Traits? They're here?" Rews wondered.

"Yes," Edric said, looking at the ground, remaining still.

"They are coming to drive the Harkonnens away."

The other four looked at Edric.

"The Atreides and Harkonnens have a bone to pick." Edric explained.

The other four nodded.

"Let's get off the cave, I'll handle the Frees." Rews ordered.

The group of five jumped off the cave top.

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"Watch your step, don't step on a sleeping muad'dib." Garna joked.

The group, all except Edric, laughed.

"He heh,erm..the Atreides.....what should we do about-" asked Robert.

"We'll try to seek their help." Rews said.

The group walked towards the looming carryall. "We are here." Rews said.

"Who goes there!?" an Atreides soldier turned and faced the group, behind him were 3 of his bodyguards. The burly man had the hawk crest on his chest-pocket, and he was toting a light machine gun. "We don't really accomodate visitors you know?"

"We are Earthlings, from planet Earth. We have a problem with the Free-"

"Ah, Fremen! Come, come, with us." the man interrupted Rews.

The group was hauled into the carryall, and the carryall had a lift-off, leaving the burly man with some of his man in the desert.

"So, where are we heading for?" James asked the pilot.

"Our Palace, Earthling. The Duke wishes to see any surviving Earthlings on this planet." the pilot replied.

"Yeah, and I have a mission to go on," a man with an inkvine scar on his jaw said. "The late Duke is dead, and Leto leads the crowd."

"Oh." the group of five replied.

"We the Atreides come from Caladan, the waterworld." he went on.

"We the A Traits come from Canada, the waterworld." Rews tried to imitate him.

"A Traits?" the puzzled ugly man asked, confused.

"Yeah, you A Traits are going to take us back to Earth. I don't wanna mess with these uncivilised Free Men again." Rews answered.

"We won't take you to Earth. You're going to the palace. We'll be arriving in 30 more minutes."

"Doesn't matter anyways, " Edric replied. "Who are you anyway?"

"I go by the name of Gurney Halleck." the man replied, grinning.

"Ah, the famous Gurney Halleck. They brochure mentioned you." Garna commented.

"And you were tortured I heard." James said.

"Shhhh..." the other four silenced him. "Don't hurt him dude." Robert whispered into Garna's ear.

"I hate the Harkonnens for that. And my sister....." Halleck said.

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"Actually..." Halleck stummered.

"Never mind, we aren't interested in your STORY Gurney Helleck." Rews interrupted.

"Okay, oh no, there are Harkonnens on our trail." Gurney exclaimed.

"So? They're only Ha-Conans, guys with swords and shields, those barbarians." Rews said.

"They're barbarians by nature." Halleck corrected.

Suddenly the carryall was shaken terribly, part of the carryall was blown off, and Garna flew off the carryall.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" was the last words. But the Harkonnen ornithopters had picked Garna up, and Garna was still alive.

"They got Garna, " Robert murmured. "I wonder what'll happen to him."

"Our lives are my only worry (his life only, Edric reminded himself), how can we possibly get out of here? Alive?" Rews asked.

"Parachutes. I have 3 here. Some of you can get off in these." Halleck said, then he lay 3 parachute bags on the carryall floor.

"I think Rews, Robert, and you should get off. James will stay with me with the pilot." Edric said.

"Very well then." Halleck said.

"Okay, let's jump!" Rews shouted.

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Robert, Rews and Gurney Halleck hopped off the carryall. Harkonnen ornithopters have already left the area, and the carryall was crashing.

"Whoa!" shouted Rews.

"Whoooaaaa!" shouted Robert.

"Whoooooaaaaa-hey, this is stupid. We should open our paras first." Halleck said.

"Good point." said Rews, who released his parachute. The other two did the same. And they landed safely back on the sand dunes of Arrakis.

"Well I've become a killer businessman." commented Rews.

"More of a killer tourist." chuckled Robert.

"We aren't here to tour Arrakis." Halleck said.

"Well, we are in the complete open. There's nothing we can possibly do now." Robert said.

Rews looked at the sky, the heat was incredible, and droplets of sweat trickled down his neck. How he longed for the lands of planet Earth.

"Enough grumbling, we got to think of a way to get out of here." he said.

"You got a plan Rews?" Robert asked, with eyebrows raised.

"A simple one, can crack some Free Men skulls." Rews said.

"Let us all hear about it." Halleck requested.

Rews pulled out his pump shotgun. "I'm armed. We can take down some enemies this way. They'll eat lead."

"But we don't have ours." Robert whined, staring at his dry palms.

"We can get some. If we have to use a shotgun to kill someone, that person must be armed. We can then take his arms." Rews explained.

"Arms? You won't dissect your foes right?" Halleck asked.

"His weapons, I mean dude," Rews said. "There's a cave there, let's check it out."

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The group walked slowly into the cave, which was small and empty. It was dry and warm inside.

"Nice place." said Robert.

"Let's call for reinforcements." Halleck said.

"You do it." Rews said.

Halleck pulled out a walkie-talkie, and mumbled something. "We're moving in sir." was what boomed out of the walkie.

"They're on their way." Halleck said.

"I can see that." Rews said.

"Hear." Robert corrected him.

"Shut up."

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