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Humanitys Shammbles


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The black and green room echoed with commands and battle reports. The Niborg commander sat in his black command chair grinning at the site below, the humans birthplace, earth..."We awat your command m'lord" the Niborg commander nodded and spoke the girmist sentence known to humanity "Today is the day where the universe is rid of a little more evil, open fire." And with that specs of blue radiated throughout the ships and shot down, destroying the birthplace of humanity in one gaint gulp.

Today few humans live, and the few are scattered out throughout the universe mostly becoming smugglers and traders, a human resistence group against the Niborg and many other races is hunting down the remaining humans for them to join and put up a fight, humanitys only chance remains withen the despretness of every single human, let hell begin...

What you do:

- Pick a human character, give info I.E job etc, state what he does etc...

- Only can be human


No God Modding

No biological, chemical, nuke weapons

No wiping shit out in one post

Human resistence movement is small so remember that


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Maximillion Albertus

23 years old


175 lb

Profession: Infiltrator


Max, like all others, was a product of the postapocalypsis. By nature, he is a loner, very aggressive to those who try to get near him or get to know him better. He is a weapons expert, bounty hunter and a mercenary. He is known to have over a thousand confirmed kills, since he has been doing this kind of work since he was 12.

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Commander Usul

After the attack Usul formed a band to resist th Niborg and they attacked nearby enemy settlements with a mix of blitzkrieg and gurilla warfare. They are small but are attempting to join up with other hhumans and resistence groups.

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Christopher Andromoda, 23.

Real name unknown, he probably made up the one he has now. Said to be bad luck incarnated, nearly every ship he has even touched has been taken by the Niborg. He is an excellant trader, and has made himself, and many others, extremely rich.

Current status: In his personal ship, delivering food supplies to Commander Usul.

Readable only by Vilgent!

[hide] Is it alright if I make him a traitor? I'll change it if you like. [/hide]

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