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"T-Virus" could it happen in real?


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Do you think it'll could be possible that such is a virus can exist?

A virus that revives your body's cells and brain functions, and the functions would only support a few features.

Eating flesh of living victims, predatory instincts, regeneration and mutation of flesh.

Some people thinks it is possible that such a virus can be created in the world today.

I don't think that the virus from Resident evil can exist in real, that's my opinion so far.

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I think it is possible. Basically, all viruses deal with human DNA and RNA - they alter it. This is where genetic engineering comes in. Several tests were already conducted with infusing viruses with DNA that is needed to change the human and treat a specific condition.

So if a virus could be programmed in such way to alter the activity of the brain via DNA - then it could basically be like the T-virus.

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Has anybody watched the film '28 Days Later'??

Its a british film based on the same idea as the t-virus in resident evil, but with an element of realism added in. Scary stuff.

Anyway, going back to whether a similar virus could exist in reality; If it was possible for such a similar virus to exist, it would probably work by spreading through the body like an enzyme, and temporarily boost all bio-chemical reactions in cells. There would have to be mechanism in the virus to kill all higher brain processes (and our consciousness) and leave behind basic animal instincts: e.g. feed, sense surroundings... move etc. And i don't think such a mechanism could exist.... simply because without a consciousness, we wouldn't be able to move or use our senses... we'd just be a vegetable.

Also, i don't think any virus could turn a human into a blood-lusting carnivore. In my opinion, humans naturally are timid and social creatures - so i can't see how a virus could affect a person's mind to want to savagely eat another living human being alive.

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Zombies are partly human, and just like humans, Zombies tend to be social too, not to humans ofcourse.

In most of the movies, you see zombies walking in packs, just like wolves and other creatures.

Dawn of the dead and Night of the dead is quite a scary and good example of how zombies will act if they see a victim.

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