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The characters of dune and there places within the series


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Paul: The tragic figure. He was locked into his path with no alternatives. Everything that happened to him he knew was going to happen and could not stop, not unless he managed to kill himself, his mother, and forty Fremen that first night when Stilgar found him.

Leto II: The Anti-Hero. He had a choice, and he chose his path because he thought it would give humanity inifinite survival, even though his father beleived it spelled humanities doom.

Duncan: The hero. Straight-laced, moral, honourable man who always does what is right.

Those are the three easily chateragorized characters (which does not mean they are simple, just that there palce is simply seen). What would you say are Alia,Siona, Murbella, and Teg's position in this?

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I always found Murbella a bit of an enigma. She unites Bene Gesserit and Honoured Matres, but could she have done it without Taraza and Odrade? Or even Tamerlane and Bellonda? She certainly managed to manipulate her own people well enough... But is she a pawn or a pawn-pusher?

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