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The Escape From Kanti Lai


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How it began:

5,000 after the War of All Nations, when Earth was only the goverment planet and people colonised most of planets in galaxy and some in the farest ones too. In the Hicks galaxy on the planet Kanti Lai lived the race of Kantians not really different of people, probably they came from Earth during war and adapted to new conditions. They hadn`t conflicts inside community, cos the events that had happened on the old Earth taught they if they will start have conflicts, it could lead to planet crisis and force them to another emigration.

But not only people have influence on people situation. The star of Kantians, Lai, started losing the energy as fast that after 350 years it wasn`t possible to live on. Whole planet became frozen and transformation still was happening so in every year planet was becoming more and more dangerous to live on. Kantians had to move on the space stations that were kept around the Kanti Lai by power generator.

Some day the Empress of Kantians, Matrid-LaRa decided to leave planet and move somewhere where they could stay without involving in life of another race.

To do this, somebody had to turn off generator. The choice was older daughter of empress. Matrid-LaRa had two daughters but only older can be her succesor becouse of law. But younger one didn`t agreed with this choice and started ploting how to not allow sister take mother`s place.

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Generator should be under ice lid, in the Nauruk mountains, near the biggest group of caves, which was created after glaciasion. Kantians didn`t lived on the planet for 350 years but Sarma knew from Umba, her best friend who was gheotic scientist, that there still are beings. They were supposed to live in caves, becouse of the planet was to warm for them (it was strange, inside planet was warmer than on the surface, scientists couldn`t explain such paradox). They were called Sirka, underground people and little, red-eyes, shaggy animals were called Yanma. Sirka didn`t show themselves very often but Yanma were very friendly.  They had charming tiny voices and lived in groups. Sarma thought that if they weren`t depend on climate, she would taken one of them on space station. But Umba claimed that these animals catch some strange and difficult to explain illness when they are in the temperature higher than is on the Kanti Lai.

Sarma knew that living forms from Kanti aren`t dangerous (maybe except Stuv). She was afraid only becouse of these...storms. Well, nobody wants to die crushed by flying iceberg...

Suddenly she noticed sound of opening door behing her and in the window she saw reflection of her mother, Empress Matrid-LaRa entering her room.

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'Hi, mother' said Sarma, didn`t turning away her head.

Empress came closer and sat near daughter. They were very similar to each other. Both had large brown eyes and curly dark hair, only Sarma had a little bit longer. Both had oval, nice faces, causes trust.

Matrid was looking for few seconds on the pictures of storm that still was carrying snow and ice and shaked her head.

'Are you sure that you want do it, daughter?'  she asked.  'Conditions on the planet are very difficult and you hadn`t used to...'

'I can do it by my own, mother' Sarma smiled but without bigger enthusiasm. 'I`m not a child. Besides Umba spends there a lot of time, more than I`m going to spend.'

'Umba is gheotic, he is adjusted. You even haven`t been on Kanti yet.'

'What a shame, mother. I`m Kantian and I never have been on Kanti Lai. I should go there once before we leave planet once and for all.'

Matrid sighed.

'This confirmation of choice is putting me in unpleasent situation.'

'You probably want someone else from our family turn off generator.'

'I was thinking about it...few times.'

'Confirmation of choice has rich tradition and if I want to be your seccesor, I must prove that I`m good choice.'

'I know, but I really want show you in some different way.'

'How? Maybe I should climb on the Observation Tower and jump. Then everybody would see me. It would be easier.'

Matrid smiled slightly.

'It would be easier if your sister hadn`t such rebelious character.' she once again shaked her head. 'She still think that my choice is incorrect.'

Sarma stood up and removed cover that was separating her room from rest of the station. The wall around door became transparent and more light came to there.

'Unfortunately' was continuing Matrid. 'She think that rule means giving orders and always be..."not very fair" for week and poor. Probably it was Tevonk who put those things to her head. When she was a child she was very susceptible to this what he said.'

'You should be happy, mother, that you could drive him away. Remember Umi?'

Umi was planet where lived people who have been too primitive to building spaceships.

'It was close to tragedy' agreed Matrid. 'Rayl made hunt there. It was too guilt of this...of Tevonk.'

'It was Rayl idea, mother.'

'Maybe...It`s not important now. I think she grew up from it.'

'You only think, mother.'

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'She is busy with some Sih`s inventions now. It seems quite safe. Your sister invented with her friend some game and some mechanism. If winds will be good, it will take her attention for few month.'

'These winds must be very good.'

'I don`t think she will mahe serious problems' Empress had hope. 'She is only dissatisfied, that`s all, becouse you are older and you are my succesor in law. Besides Sih seems to be right young man and maybe if Rayl spend more time with him, he will infuence on her in some way.'

'Blow, wind, blow' chanted Sarma. 'But from correct side, cos if no, everyones could die.'

'Don`t say that, daughter' Empress knited her brows.

'This is only a song.'

'Song taken from Prophet' said her mother. 'Everything she says is so complicated that nobody understand what she is talking about.'

'I just connected words from song and your words about good winds.'

'Maybe Prophet see benefits from agreement between you and your sister. In some day I want see you and her, smiled and on good terms.'

'Well...it not depends on us. If we were not Empress daughters and if Kanti Lai wasn`t...'

Empress stood up and interrupted her.

'This is our destination, Sarma. We are what we are. I hope that you won`t sit all night. You must rest before tommorow yourney. It has only symbolic meaning and Umba says that nearest icerock storm is now far from Nauruk, but you know gheotic`s forecasts. As clear as Prophet`s words. They could be sure that storm won`t come but in the same moment when they go on open area, hail comes on their heads or even something worse.

'It was great consolidation, mother.'

'Remember, you must sleep now. Possibly tommorow you will meet Yanma.'

After these words, she went out. Sarma was looking for a while by trabnsparent wall. Mother had right. She should rest but she was too excited to fall asleap. She sat on the bed and started watching next pictures of frozen Kanti Lai.

'If only there weren`t storms, it could be possible to live there' she thought.

Right. If only there weren`t storms.

But storms were.

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'Princess' Junior put hand on her shoulder. Sarma turned away. 'Will I be needed?'

'No, you can go back. Only say mother the she shoudn`t be upset. I`m telling it to her whole morning but she doesn`t listen me, maybe if somebody else will tell her that...just try not mention abot danger on planet. Everything will be okay....and keep warm, Junior.'

'This wish should be better turn to you, my princess' Juniot saluted and desapeared in the enter of palace. She knew him well, so she was sure mother will get detailed informations about Umba, GS and technical state of Saumer in one minute. Junior was most deceptive soldier of Matrid.

'Well, women first' Umba showed her enter of spaceship. Interior of Saumer was small but functional and comfortable. It was designed for two people but if it was necessary, third would be put without problems. It wouldn`t disturbed activity of ship, at least pasenger would feel uncomfortable a little.

Girl sat on armchair on the another side that were door and was watching start.

'How feel Troj?' she asked when Umba leaded them from spacestations area. Old Kantian looked at her attentively but then imediatelly turn his head from her, looking how airport and main station become smaller and smaller.

'Everything okay' he mumbled, clasping hands on rudders. 'Everything especionally good. I`m so happy that everything is so good. Like never before.'

'I don`t understand it' sighed Sarma. She knew that he isn`t serious, he only wanted has the last word. 'Every time when I ask of him, you always answer me in the same way.'


'With irony.'

'Me and irony? No way, princess, I`m too old for this. But okay' Umba pretended he was angry. 'I was trying dissuade him this reckless idea for two months and I was hope that you are wise enough and you will dissuade it to yourself by your own. It seems I did a mistake...'

'You did mistake becouse you thought I will change my mind or becouse you thought that I`m wise?'

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'Oh, don`t put another meaning to my words! Troj is only son of unimportant Empress servant who will be always connected with this iceball.'

'From this that I know' Sarma smiled charming. 'My mission will brake all chains, chains that connect us with...iceball. Besides you aren`t JUST Empress servant, if you can call yourself servant. You are my friend.'

'And Troj is my son. And I won`t allow him go with you. Why, on earth, you want him take part in confirmation of choice??'

'He is the only gheotic in my age, Umba!'

'Gheotic! You don`t know what you`re saying, child! If on this planet is somebody who doesn`t fit to this job, it`s Troj for sure. Your mother would never allowed somebody such inexperienced go with you to the Neverending Storm`s Area. Hmm...great name, this Storm`s Area thingy, anyway. Troj and storm without end is just lke suiside.'

'That the reason why I haven`t told her. And I hope you won`t tell her too.'

'You know I can`t betray you' Umba smiled. He knew that Troj will go even if he make his worst countenance. 'Despite your rare crazyness, you`re still most intelligent person I`ve know. And you will must take care of this...insane creature.'

'It`s hereditary in my family' she smiled.

'Oh, no!' Umba knited his brows and started squeesing rudders. 'Its more than sure that common sense and self-control isn`t hereditary in your family.'

'You are very strict for my family.'

'Well, we don`t choose her.'

'Right' said clearly Empress daughter. 'We don`t choose, Umba. Sometimes we must accept our destination. Besides all evil of this world, I love whole my family. Whole. Without exceptions.

Umba didn`t reply. Frozen Kanti Lai was closer in every minute.

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Sih ran through the corridor. Ror last few months he faelt like on his back somebody put target and ordered invisible soldiers shot to him. He was afraid even in sleep, when he had dreams about what can happen in future. He involved himself in risky situation but he couldn`t waste so many ideas for inventions that have appeared in his head recently. He found great listener but he though this was worth it`s prize. He couldn`t talk to Empress without felt of guilty, which he couldn`t share with anybody, cos he remember his friend`s fate.

Conspiracy never was his strong side but now it was too late.

Sih fall out, quickly stood up and ran into bright room that was his destination.

Not very tall, lean young girl with long, thick black hair was staring at her right hand. When she noticed young scientist, she smiled charmly.

'Sih! This is really awsome!' said, walking to him. 'I checked it yesterday on this Umi that you sent to me and everything is working correct. He even didn`t have time to call for help!'

Recently Sih and his scientists invented mecanism assigned for playing "game", Empress daughter idea. Game rules was that two groups of competents tried hit each other using energy that was produced in th little generators that evey payer should have on hand. The bad thing, Sih thought, Rayl was using it as weapon as well.

'You aren`t afraid that you mother...'

'No' Rayl took off latest invention from hand and put it on the table. 'I called it Light Maker. Cool, isn`t it?'

'I don`t really think...'

'I am here for thinking and giving opinions!' girl knited her`s one brow, that usually was followed by "silent storm", one of her`s dangerous moods. 'Rot wanted giving opinions and now he still suffer interior mutations under the station, right? Maybe you want join him? He need coimpanion, he is so lonely being...'

'Forgive me, Rayl-Matrid' said Sih as fast as he could and felt cold when he thought about terrible fate of his friend that proably stillk live, though better for him was die. 'It wasn`t my intention judge you'

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