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betrayal at krondor


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this is my first fanfic creation, so post any suggustions.

Would anyone be interested portraying certain races, etc. based entirely on the game? there can be wars and all that other fun stuff. i got this idea when i read lotr war, started by scytale. bak is one of my favorite games.

this will be based entirley on the game, and all info about the game(weapons, spells etc) can be found at this web site:


i havent played this game in a while(new computer) so me may be rusty on some stuff.

we can eithor rule, towns cities etc or races, although towns sounds better.

rules - based entirley on game, no new inventions

no flaming and all that crap.

Zone 9 is the world of Timirianya (Chapter 8 ) and will not be used(for obvious reasons for now)

tell me if you think this fanfic will work.

will add more later

I rule the city Krondor, and I "rule"(somewhat like in game depending on circumstances(not technically)) Midkemia(or whatever they ruled in game).

my name is Arutha.

on another note does anyone know how i can get this game to work on winxp new computer? without installing older versions of windows? [edit] i got bak working with sound, so i will be away until i beat game(joking)

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I Prince Arutha am concerned with moredhel activities to the north near Armengar and am sending Seigneur James to investigate.

There is rumors of a magician in Dimwood forest, but not much is known about him/her.

nobody wants to join :( oh well, me thought it was a good idea since it had a lot of constraints so that there is little God modding.

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Seigneur James, was prepared to leave the security of Krondor. He was equipped with 20 rations, 5 restoratives, 2 herb packs and 2 of his favorite lockpicks.

His weaponry consisted of the Sword of Lims-Kragma, Euliliko armor, Tsurani light crossbow, Tsurani poisoned quarrels and lastly the horn of Algon Kokoon.

James was set. It might be a difficult task infiltrating Armengar.

James planned on taking the path that followed:Sarth -hawks hollow - Loriel - "Tyr-Sog" - Armengar.

maybe instead of people controlling certain areas, maybe we could be characters that interact with Midkemia. (lik eme doing with James). post anything-comments etc.

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Seigneur James was looking for a place to stay overnight, as abandoned barns were no longer attractive. He decided to stay the nigrht at Sarth if he was permitted. On the way up the road to the Temple he met Pug, who was enjoying the scenery.

Pug told James that he was reading about spells in the library. Also said that there was eerie things hapenning in Dimwood forest. maybe related to magician.

The sleep was much better on a bed than in a barn.

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if you go to the web site mentioned above you will have all the info you will need.(although you may not have the "feel" ;D for it.

There has been mysterious gatherings in lyton. rumor has it that they are moredhel followers of the Sethanon battle and wish to attack Malacs cross in a "recreation" of the battle in which they win.

If you investigate this matter and subdue these people if the rumors are true,

I will give you a two handed broadsword, Euliliko armor and any rations you may need.

Pug mentioned that Owyn Beleforte was getting married in Yabon, so James is considering changing his travelling route.

James said farewell to Pug, and off he went towards Armengar. Next stop will be Hawk's hollow.

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The garrison at Krondor consists of Makala, Bulldrake Wyvern guarding the entrance, Grandsire Wyvern protecting the outer boundaries of the city, Hatchling Wyvernguarding entrance in sewers. These creatures are not shown publicly(because they would scare the townsfolk).

A Cave Giant, Rime Giant and Tor Giant are employed in the hills outside of questors veiw.

If scytale does not wish to investigate Lyton, then i will send 2 nighthawks and one Moredhel Spellcaster. i hope nothing seriously bad happened to Scytale, he had so much potential.

cant use deep giant(not in game)

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James entered Hawk's hollow from the east ( taking the path along Dimwood ) the town looked somewhat disturbed, as the front doors of most houses were smashed in. James went to the tavern, removed the door and went inside. there was a frightened bartender behind the bar. James asked what happened and the bartender says that 10 Moredhel Warrior and 1 Moredhel Spellcaster barged into each building and demanded to know where Owyn was residing at currently.

James thanked the man and made his way towards Yabon, where Owyn currently resides. ( and is getting married! )

The fastest route to Yabon is the path that crosses past LaMut, but the Moredhel would not have taken that route since there is a garrison at LaMut. James concluded that rivals were taking the path past Loriel. James hurried towards LaMut, unsure exactly how he was going to save Owyn.

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James stopped at LaMut for a minute to get a good meal and a little rest before heading of to Yabon. after eating James decided to take a 45 min nap. he told the innkeeper to wake him in 45. when the innatker heard this he asked why James isnt going to stay longer. James explained his predicament. The innkeeper said he wouldnt bother James any more and let him sleep. James wondered how he would take on the enemy, outnumbered.

After 45 min james was awakened. On his way out of the Tavern he noticed that 10 soldiers were waiting for him outside. they were not the best of soldiers but were better than nothing. They explained that they were going to accompany James to Yabon after being told by the innkeeper about his predicament. James did not want them to go and endanger themselves, but they merely said that they were not needed at the garrison at this time and are going to Yabon whether James liked it or not.

They went off together towards Yabon and what awaits them.

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Scytale has not responded, thus in the best interest of the kingdom, i have sent the 2 nighthawks and beasthound to Lyton.

(if you want scytale you can still be a part of this)

James was weary of the forth coming battle, if they got there first. along the way they met Paul, a student of Owyns that was going towards LaMut. Paul was unaware of anything unusual around Yabon. James filled Paul with all the info required and told him to go to LaMut and tell hte commander in charge of the garrison there to send word to Krondor about what will transpire.


Once Paul reached LaMut he did what he was told. The person in charge, Granf, sent a messenger to the Killian temple and transported to Krondors temple.

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k im back,

Scytale, one of the least notorious assasains ever follows the 2 nighthawks and beasthound to lyton his 2 handed sword strapped to hi back and his small crossbow ,loaded, held ready in his hands. his armor hidden beneath his cloak.

k my weapons and gear are:


2 handed sword


euliliko armor

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maybe this is just some kind of RPG, book im doing...oh well i enjoy it. (not sure why)

i think me not going to refer to myself to arutha if this is what me doing.(or maybe me him but me tell it like i am)

Scytale can continue what you are doing.

Once Paul reached the temple in Krondor, he asked for an audience with Arutha. The guard was reluctant to give one until Paul said the word Seigneur James, the gaurd immediately went to see if Arutha had time.

Paul was ushered into Arutha's throne room. Paul explained what James had told him and thus Arutha thought this might mean the Moredhel are invading the kingdom again (although unlikely) Arutha ordered Northwarden and Highcastle garrisons to be increased by 1/2.

feel free to join anyone!(although revert to rules)

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