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Mobile War


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Read at own risk. Stories may be too long for those without good concentration. ;D

I wrote these stories and they were edited by pro. he took/takes (i don't remember) a creative writing course so he knows more about this shit than i do. well, have fun.

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Woot a gundam one...this one even destoryed the gundam with amuro, now that's fun...

Some parts are contracdicting with the original story though...

Core fighters are never mass producted. Too expensive. I suggest you change them to FF-6 Tin.

Amuro got into the Gundam by accident. He didn't even know that it the MS he's in is called Gundam nor know it's superior to a Zaku.

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i know, it's alternate storyline. that's why i decided to obliterate amuro ;D i am the master of their destiny. i control their fate.

and about the core fighters being mass produced, again, it's alternate storyline. i even made my own mobile suit. w00t for the Nighthawk.

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